Custom Build: MG 1/100 Custom RX-93-v2 [pps] - Hi Nu Gundam Powered Psycho System

MODELER: GundamerPat
Custom RX-93-v2 [pps] - Hi Nu Gundam Powered Psycho System
MODIFICATION TYPE: custom paint job, kit bash, scratch built parts, custom details
KITS USED: MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Ver Ka., MG 1/100 Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka., PG 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam, etc.

The Powered Psycho System was Anaheim Electronics' latest efforts to revive its Pycho program that partially focuses on NewType controlled titanic sized mobile suits. The technology used by the system is the 6th generation of the weapon system initially seen with the Psycho Gundam MK I, MK II, and MK III. The prototype was no secret and the federation eventually summoned Anaheim Electronics to a military inquiry to find out its purpose. The controversy increased when rumors began to spread that they were accused of developing the new system for the Sleeves. But with nothing more than rumors, the inquiry ended and investigation halted. The Hi Nu Gundam Powered Psycho System eventually disappeared and most records of its existence has been lost with the exception of a few military photos that recorded its existence. Anaheim later claimed that it was stolen, much like a number of its prototypes that seem to get stolen a lot. It was not until UC 0096 that the technology emerged but in the form of the Neo Zeong mobile armor. Similarities with the arms could not be denied confirming that the revived Pyscho program was certainly linked. The Psycho Nu was never seen again.



  1. Gundamerpat is an asshat on instagram. Steals other people's builds and doesn't credit them. Gets extremely aggressive with people as well and doesn't like it when there's other languages in the comments as he will tell them to speak English or they'll be blocked. Other than that, he's a good builder. Not great, but good since he never does customs without using the Hi-Nu or the Nu Gundam.

  2. Everyone should visit GundamerPat so you can see for yourself that "Teelucky" wrote some major lies. However, GundamerPat has had a lot of very public fights with people who comment negatively about people's work and then blocks such negative people. I assume Teelucky was one of these people who refuse to respect very basic and easy rules. I personally like GundamerPat's page as it gives me so many ideas for my own work. But I have never seen him steal or claim other people's work and I have followed his page since 2017. Should just see for yourself. Based on his lies and needless comment above, Teelucky sounds like a very angry and jealous person who probably got kicked out by the GundamerPat admin. His character here shows that he probably deserved it. I think GundamerPat is better off without these personalities and we can just focus on Gundam.

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