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The Latest Gundam Unicorn Blu-Ray Box will Come With RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Form

Premium Bandai announces that they will be releasing a Blu-ray box for the Mobile Suit Unicorn Gundam on February 26, 2019!

The Blu-ray box sets will be separated in to two different types. One that comes with an exclusive Real Grade 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility form for 65,000 Yen and one that doesn't which is for 60,000 Yen.

RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Form

Both sets will have the same Blu-ray disc features and bonuses which is listed below.

[First Press Limited Edition] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray Box Complete Edition

Release date: February 26, 2019 (Tue)

Price: 60,000 yen (excluding tax)

Specs: 1690 minutes (About 440 minutes + bonus about 1250 minutes) (planned)
Dolby TrueHD (5.1 ch), Dolby Digital (stereo) / AVC / BD 50 G × 4/16: 9 <1080 p High Definition> / Japanese · English · Traditional Chinese (Taiwan · Hong Kong) with closed caption · OFF possible) / Japanese · English sound recording)
Benefits DISC 1 to 4: Linear PCM (stereo) / AVC / BD 50 G × 4 sheets / 16: 9 <1080 p High Definition> / With Japanese subtitles (ON / OFF possible / Japanese · English sound recording
Benefits DISC 5 to 9: Linear PCM (stereo) • Dolby TrueHD (5.1 ch) • Dolby Digital (stereo) / AVC / BD 50 G × 5/16: 9 <1080 p High Definition> - Part 16: 9 <1080 i High Definition>

[Number of recorded stories] 7 OVA episodes

First Limited Edition Benefits · Specifications

"Laplace's box" monument style storage box

A special box that can store a Blu-ray BOX body simulating a stone monument of "Laplace's box" that appeared in the OVA.
Special booklet

A booklet that can also be enjoyed in a flip animation style, which contains original drawings of the main characters and scenes.

New Best Soundtrack CD

A limited edition CD containing 12 songs newly selected by Sawano Hiroyuki and 2 newly recorded songs.

Harukuni Fukui writing scenario

A written version of Harukoshi Fukui's works for the Mobile Suit Gundam UC.

Bonus disc

TV series "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096" (All 22 episodes)

Bonus voice overs
  • New recording audio commentary
  • Audio commentary archive
  • TV series "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096" Secondary Audio Archive
Bonus specs
Special Katoki Hajime sketched jewel case and special jewel case jacket!


  1. basing on the image, we could expect an original banshee, phenex, and phenex NT in addition to the FA unicorn.

  2. I really hope the name of the kit isn't actually the "Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility"
    This is 100% the RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Plan-B with the Narrative Phenex's twin tails added, either way it is a beastly looking thing.

  3. Oh shit it's a RG FA Unicorn plan B! I can't wait to~
    Oh. OH.
    Well then, looks like I'm not getting FA Unicorn plan B because screw paying Blu-ray prices...

  4. Was interested until the price of the set.. that will be an expensive RG on the aftermarket

  5. Am I the only one realizing it is only worth 5k yen? The one without it is literally just 5k yen less.

    1. No you aren't, but remember it's a Japanese Blu-ray release so of course it's overpriced

  6. .... This just means they'll release an RG Phenex pretty soon, doesn't it?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I hope Bandai releases the RG Unicorn Perfectibility separately soon.

  9. Well the age 2 magnum clear was originally a new gundam breaker exclusive..

  10. So it's a Unicorn with all four Armed Armor types plus the Phenex's Psyco Frame and second Armed Armor DE?
    Interesting but nuts to it being bundled with a Blu-Ray boxset.
    Hopefully a standalone P-Bandai release will happen in a year or so.

  11. when i realized it said 60,000 and not 6,000 a part of me died

  12. Okay Bandai, where my RG Banshee OVA ver at? My Banshee Norn is sorely missing its armed armor BS/VN

  13. Okay Bandai, where my RG Banshee OVA ver. at?

  14. You know...Bandai could have called this fellas as Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Plan B [BD Box Collection]...but no. Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility...

  15. Holy mother of Banagher.... i can buy a PG Unicorn with that amount