P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGC-80S GM Cannon [Space Assault Type] [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGC-80S GM Cannon [Space Assault Type] [REISSUE]
Release Date: August 2019
Price: 2,052 Yen

Release Date: December 2018
Price: 2,052 Yen
  • 360mm rocket cannon
  • beam spray gun




  1. Huh. I don't recall the prototype model having vulcans. Ah well, at least the artwork is cool!

  2. PHEW yes, it has the extra calf verniers for the Space Assault Type. It's not a prototype, this is from MSV-R. Glad the legs weren't so slim just for MSD's sake...

  3. These GMs will serve my purposes well enough even if they're technically not the correct versions. (IOW; Like the Zaku Cannon, they're not HGUCs but are from HG Origin instead)

  4. Just to clarify, this isn't the same GM Cannon that was should at the pop-up event, this is a variant of a variant per say. There still will be a regular release one but it would be the one without the caff thrusters and Vulcans. But it's funny how the p-Bandai has a price and release date first before the regular release.

  5. Why couldn't this kit have included the rocket bazooka?
    The GM-SA has it in GBO2 but the kit just has the stupid BSG.
    They should've just included the bazooka by default so it has all the equipment it's meant to own and you don't have to get the random blue version just for a damn accessory.
    The blue one could've just been called "GM Cannon Space Assault Type [Blue Version]"
    This line likes blue-balling with finally giving us HGs of MS that don't have them but they ALWAYS screw up something.
    Finally got a Zaku Cannon. Oh no; it's actually the Test Type which has the wrong legs and the actual Zaku Cannon is green fsr
    Finally got a GM Cannon. Oh no; it's the Space Assault Type and it doesn't have the bazooka, you have to get the blue one for that.
    I'm pretty sure the GM Sniper Custom got screwed up too. The visor was red for one thing.
    Why does The Origin have to mess around with designs all the time?
    It's just like the MG Wing kits all over again... We want the TV lads but instead we get the OVA versions in TV colours cos those are the unnecessary manga/Katoki versions.
    I know this is a big rant it really annoys me when MS finally get kits only for things to get screwed up and invalidate them.
    "Well just repaint them then." IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!! We shouldn't have to modify the damn product to get what's advertised.
    What's the point in designing all these MSV things if none of them get model kits? That's the whole reason the Build shows exist; to sell more Gunpla.

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