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Premium Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam X 3 Exhibited at the Gundam Base Tokyo

The Premium Bandai webshop limited MG 1/100 Gundam X unit 3 is exhibited at the Gundam Base Tokyo for promotional purposes. The kit will be announced at the P-Bandai webstore soon for pre-orders! This is also to celebrate the release of the After War Gundam X memorial blu-ray compilation on March 23, 2018.

MG 1/100 Gundam X Unit 3
Release Date: TBA 2018
Price: 4,000 Yen [TENTATIVE]

images from @yoshi115t


  1. So like, is this a manga version or? can't seen to find anything on the wiki

  2. Can someone who is more knowledgeable about After War Gundam X explain to me how this version of Gundam X differ from the one in the show?

    1. Aside from the Ashtaron and Virsago, all of the base Gundams in X were mass produced mobile suits (though in a far more limited capacity compared to other MP MS like the Daughtress and Jenice) so there were numerous Gundam Xs, Airmasters, Leopards, and Belphagors.

      The wreckage and data from Jamil's Gundam X from the 7th Space War 15 years prior to the series was used to create the Double X.

      Garrod found a different Gundam X in an abandoned factory (presumably where it was constructed), which was later heavily damaged, and got a patchwork repair/upgrade into the X Divider.

      In Under the Moonlight, yet another completely different black-colored Gundam X was found in old 7SW-era ship wreckage on the ocean floor with its (surprisingly still living) original pilot, Kai, in suspended animation in its cockpit. This Gundam X later got a new pilot in Rick Aller after a delusional Kai was forced to abandon it. This Gundam X was later modified, having its satellite cannon removed, and repainted in colors much closer to the "standard" scheme with unique sea green "glowing" panels.

      It's highly likely that this is just another original Gundam X with a unique color scheme. The upcoming sequel manga will definitely provide more details about it.

  3. they're all the same, kinda like the astrays. unit 1 is from the show, unit 2 is from a sidestory under the moonlight. this one is from an epilogue manga to the tv show thats coming with the blu ray called next prologue

  4. There were 3 Gundam Xs. One was remade into the Gundam Double X. The second into Gundam X Divider. And the third was black then repainted into more normal colors.
    So the only real difference should be a somewhat different colors and weopons. Specifically the Shield Buster Rifle was replaced with Holster Shield and Buster Sheath Rifle.