HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo - Release Info, Box Art and Official Images

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo
Release Date: May 2018
Price: 1,080 Yen

  • Drum Gun
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Shield

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo Box art

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo pose

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo fly

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo back

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo stand

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo stand 2

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo back 2

HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo equipment



  1. Lovely price! I'm sure there will be many P-Bandai variants, maybe a set, but WHATEVER the case, I hope we get a pack of option parts to go with it, like the GM/GM weapons pack to match the Robot Damashii stuff!

  2. I hope we get the blue Space Leo as a regular release. I'd also be satisfied if there was a regular release options set that included the space backpack that I could paint to the right color. A guy can dream, right?

  3. With that price-tag I imagine its gonna be a fairly bare bones kit (although its relatively short height might also be a factor.) I really hope they release an "option set" so that you can get access to some of its other equipment.

    Build Fighters and IBO had option sets, why not HGUCs? (Or HGAC in this case...)

  4. May? What's takes so long for such simple kit?

  5. I love that image with a whole bunch of them. It's like they're marching to their deaths

  6. Yes!!! So glad it comes with the shield AND 2 beam sabers!

    Sadly, the head can't turn, but from what I can tell it never did in the anime? I guess Robot Damashii made it a kind of bonus.

  7. now if they could only do a revive high grade for all the other gundams and a hg epyon gundam

  8. No dober gun, no flight pack, shoulder cannons. Could of thrown them in and bumped the price to maybe 15-16?

  9. That looks pretty dope (nice color and gun). Though i would like to have a neck join for kit bashing.

  10. I wish there were seperate HG lines for the other series. (G, Wing, X, Turn A, etc)
    That way we could get more kits from those series instead of waiting forever for a new release in the HGUC line.

  11. I know I'm commenting a lot, but I just noticed that it appears we get a clear yellow part for the main camera! That's great! drop some silver/chrome paint behind there and you're golden!

  12. im getting hyped seeing as those panel lines at the sidea of the legs seems to have a tab indicating that it seems to be removable. and guess what the exposed hole would mean? a connection port to the tallgeeses side skirts!!! im hetting excited thinking about it but i may just be assuming too much.. LOL

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