GunPla Lineup June 2018 premium bandai news

January 18, 2018
MODELER: White! [白用!] []
MODIFICATION TYPE: custom details, kit bash, custom paint job, custom decals
KITS USED: HGUC 1/144 GM Quel, HGBF 1/144 GM/GM


  1. Damn if you looked up Clean AF in a dictionary you would get a picture of this god damn GM Quel.

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing an HGUC GM Quel "revive", 2.0, Advanced Evolution or whatever. Its proportions are pretty wonky- especially when compared to the HGUC GM Custom.

    But I guess that would open a whole can-of-worms with the entire Titans Test Team line too.

    1. They're supposed to be thicc in the leg department. Also, a TTT kit blows any Unicorn HGUC kit out of the water in terms of articulation.

    2. Its debatable.

      The original lineart for the GM Quel had very similar proportions to the GM Custom- which makes sense since the GM Quel is based on the GM Custom. With the exception of the feet (which are recycled from the Alex), the MG kits did a pretty good job IMO.

      The lineart for the TTT version is pretty exaggerated and bulky- and thats the version we got for the HGUC. The HGUC GM Quel just looks off compared to the HGUC GM Custom.

      I guess its personal preference that I like the 0083 proportions better. Regardless, I highly doubt we'll be getting a... new version of the GM Quel anytime soon. There are a lot of kits that need a "revive"/Advanced Evolution/2.0/whatever considerably more.

    3. @supergeno128ds I'm totally with you on the AoZ Fujioka version vs. the 0083 Katoki version. The AoZ GM Quel's lineart sure is nice to look at, but translated a little awkwardly in kit form (still a super great model for its age.) I definitely prefer the HGUC GM Custom's slimmer, Katoki-faithful profile.

      @Hiruma Berserker you said it, the TTT kits were the shit. Most of the Unicorn kits? Not so much.

      One of these days I'll get around to smashing a Quel and a Custom together. I'd slap the Quel's head, arms, cockpit hatch, and a makeshift torso camera on a Custom and carve out some leg cameras (or whatever) and call it a day.

      I think the HGUC Quel is a good candidate for an eventual revive. It's 11 years old this month, and for whatever reason the agreed upon metric for revives is that the target kit be at least a decade old. Not sure if that's founded in anything real. Other, older kits to the front of the line for sure, though.

      Also, funny thing, the MG Alex/GM Custom/GM Quel combo. I've always liked that they established a clear lineage but always thought that the one thing they shouldn't have shared is the Alex's feet.

  3. Wow. Stunning! It's so stylized it looks like some Robot Damashii side MS thing or something (not anime-style but super cool!)!!!



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