P-Bandai: PG 1/60 Banshee Norn [Final Battle Ver.] [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: PG 1/60 Banshee Norn [Final Battle Ver.] [REISSUE]
Release Date: April 2024
Price: 24,200 Yen

Release Date: June 2024
Price: $220 USD


Release Date: February 2018
Price: 23,760 Yen

The Banshee Norn, especially in its final battle form, is a powerful symbol in the epic "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" narrative. The latest in modeling technology and design, this formidable mobile suit with an enthralling green light emission is now available in a Perfect Grade (PG) variant.

The Banshee Norn's green psycho frame, a crucial component of its last battle appearance, sits at the center of this model. Green clear molding has been used to faithfully replicate this, capturing both the color and the light-concentrating qualities of the original design. The psycho frame may display a variety of lighting effects when paired with an LED unit (separately available), giving the model a dynamic visual aspect.

Green Metallic Decals for Enhanced Detailing

The model has green metallic water transfer decals to add even more realism. The green psycho frame is intended to be complemented by these decals, creating a unified and eye-catching look. The insignia, which were created by well-known designer Hajime Katoki, are very remarkable.

Outstanding Arsenal

The model kit comes with a wide variety of weaponry that the Banshee Norn can wield. These consist of the Beam Magnum, Revolving Launcher, Beam Saber, Armed Armor XC, and Armed Armor DE. The Banshee Norn's look in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" is faithfully recreated in each weapon thanks to painstaking attention to detail.

Additional LED Unit for Improved Display Option

Enthusiasts wishing to enhance their display can pair this model with the separately sold "PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam LED unit [RX-0 series compatible]". By turning on the NT-D system, this LED device illuminates the psycho frame and creates a stunning light show that brings the Banshee Norn to life.

With the PG Banshee Norn, fans can acquire a piece of the epic "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" climax, marking a zenith in Gundam modeling. This model is an essential piece for both collectors and enthusiasts due to its intricate green psycho frame, stylish decals, and copious amount of armament.



  1. So other than the psycho frame colour are there any other days differences?

  2. Would have been interesting if it included damage parts for the leg, so you can remove it at the knee.

  3. Would have been interesting if they added damage parts for the leg, so you can remove it under the knee, but the LED’s would have been an issue.

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