P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Geirail Scharfrichter and Landman Rodi Set [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Geirail Scharfrichter and Landman Rodi Set [REISSUE]
Relesae Date: December 2017
Price: 3,456 Yen

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Geirail Scharfrichter and Landman Rodi Set 
Relesae Date: December 2017

Price: 3,456 Yen

Set includes

  • HG 1/144 Landman Rodi
  • HG 1/144 Geirail Scharfrichter




  1. (Insert generic comment about hating P-Bandai here)

  2. Where's the Gilda?! Or the Garm Rodi?! Why won't you make those Bandai?!

  3. Well. Typed a 3-paragraph response detailing my thoughts on this set. Clicked "Sign Out" because that button was placed CONVENIENTLY where the "submit" button SHOULD be under the text box. *sigh*, well here's the gist:

    Geirail (important one in this set) will have poor color-separation on the shoulders and hoverpod, due to the nature of the runners and the parts, meaning grey frame-bits on shoulders (maybe even the blades) and the tan on the hoverpod will not be reproduced. Disappointing, I would rather paint my own if the costs weren't so prohibitive (I actually bought the paint colors for it, just not the kit or parts yet).

    Landman Rodi included is smart, making an appeal to this set for the Landman to go with the Tekkadan Set version, or making a cheaper and practical alternative to that big set.

    I spent my entire holiday budget in advance, mostly towards the Graze Ground Type Twin Set along with a couple new Origin Zakus, so I can't really pre-order this set (although I really, really want to, bad colors and all) at the moment.

  4. I've already made ground type Graze, but I ended up using a blue that matches the Standard Graze Ritter after McGillis tool over. Still looks good, but not accurate.

    Already made two Landman Rodis, and before I started the third I bought the Tekkadan set.

    Already made a Richter with paints and parts for the second.

    The costs of parts and paint was about the same as the twin set here.

    I honestly don't mind the cost of making my own and it was a good learning experience. As far as the general p Bandai rage... I'm fine with this. It just doesn't make sense to me to release individual parts for the variants in the first place if you're just going to release them as limited kits, though.

    Well it does. It's basically double dipping in preperation to release the limited complete ones. Get to suck in the modders and people who want variant parts, then reuse the molds to make a full limited kit and get everyone else.

    If they release the grunt versions of the Ritter Ground types I'll probably pick a few of those up. McGillis forces in season two basically don't exist in kit form.

  5. Can we get a P-Bandai of JUST the Tekkaden Landman Rodi?

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