Gundam Build Fighters GM's Counterattack Mechanics

Gundam Build Fighters' official website has updated their mechanics section with new custom GunPla that will be seen in their GM's Counterattack title.

Star Burning Gundam

It is Sei Iori's original customized GunPla in the GM's Counterattack title. 

Build Strike Cosmos
Build Strike Cosmos briefly appeared in the Gundam Build Fighters last episode. This was built after the 7th GunPla Battle World Championship and was used on the 8th GunPla Battle World Championship by Sei Iori himself.

Amazing Z'Gok
Mejin Kawaguchi's latest entry for his "Amazing Char Aznable GunPla series" This Z'Gok is equipped with two interchangeable arms that can be converted to perform Z'Gok's variants in  Juaggu, Agg, Zogok, and Acguy modes.

Ninpulse Gundam
Nils Nielsen's modified Force Impulse Gundam. Ninpulse Gundam has a backpack that could be turned into a devastating weapon or shield to protect itself. Nils has improved Impulse's Gundam performance by adding some Japanese Ninja function in this GunPla!

Gundam X Jumaoh
Maoh Yasaka's customized Gundam X. An upgrade of his Gundam X Maoh that was modified to perform more offensive power and to move more freely in air or space combat.

Gundam Rinascita Liberta
Ricardo Fellini's latest take on his Gundam Fenice Rinascita. An upgrade which combines the ability of Gundam Fenice to perform better in ground combat. The build was also inspired by his Meteor Hopper from Gundam Build Fighters.
The newest technology for the Mobile Suit GM has been installed in GM/GM. This GunPla has the ability to adapt its pilot's performance and perform even better in the battle field.


  1. okay... What's the difference between the Star Build Strike and Build Strike Cosmos...

  2. I really like these redesigns, but The Wing Fenice Liberta's wings really make the MS look odd. It looks like the wings are attatched to its butt than its upper back. :/

  3. I am surprised and excited to see that Build Strike Gundam Cosmos is going to be shown in the GM's Counterattack series. It was a bit disappointing how briefly it was shown at the end of Season 1 of Build Fighters.

  4. well..Star Build Strike and Build Strike Cosmos its just the same gunpla

  5. The Build Strike Cosmos' backpack doesn't seem to be a seperate fighter.

  6. Looks like cosmos back pack is just a redesign for star build lol, and a minor one

  7. maybe cosmos pack would be sold just as an addon pack. maybe it will be sei's personal gunpla and who inows reiji might make a comeback and pilot the star burning..😁

  8. i think bs cosmos missing a backpack because of it become a melee fighter gundam type. added mobility and more response like build burning gundam.