June 10, 2017
Hi-Resolution Model 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW Ver.

Action pose and articulation process clip via Gundam.info.  The kit will be debuting in September 2017 for 12,960 Yen taxes included. 

For those who doesn't know, Hi-Res Model offers variety of gimmicks that you won't see on other GunPla, like extensive details, pre-assembled inner frame with die-cast parts and unique approach to designs of each Gundam in the series.

Bandai will be releasing more in the HiRM line, stay tuned for more news!


  1. I don't remember wing zero custom EW having a bird mode

  2. What the hell...did he transform into bird mode?! :o

  3. Now why is it not possible for Bandai to make a Master Grade 2.0 variant of this? The Master Grade that exists right now is absolute rubbish!

    1. I could give you multiple reasons S-ton AKA "water release jutsu".
      1.Wing is not popular in Japan. The most popular AU is SEED/SEED Destiny, with 00 in second place. Even outside Japan the only people who like it are blinded with nostalgia. It was a 4/10.
      2. Bandai has cut back on MG production. This means less mg's across the board. Only the very very very most popular suits have a chance at getting a mg. The Wing zero is not one of them.
      3. Knowing your track record with gunpla you probably assembled it poorly. A person said the kits you build look like they were smashed with hammers. I take anything you say about a kit being "bad" with a grain of salt. You know nothing about gunpla because you don't build gunpla.
      4. Bandai has branched out in to more 1/100 lines. The RE/100, full mechanics/ 1/100 IBO, and HiRes line are all taking over. Master Grade is no longer Bandai's only 1/100 line which means mg releases is split now.

      Best regards, and have a nice day. I know I will

      -Ben Dover

  4. Replies
    1. No PG this year except for the millenium falcon probably. MG has the Justice and ZZ in the coming months. Probably mg Atlas Ver.ka for December.

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  5. I really wish I could pick this up- but its just way out of my price range. I love that they gave it its "Neo Bird Mode" like the TV series Wing Zero. I'm sure thats something every fan of the Wing Zero has longed for.

    I'm kinda worried though.. this kit has so many moving parts- its possible that it might turn out to be a mess and be too fiddly.

    Maybe one day we'll get this in a proper model kit form (with a much more affordable price to match!)

  6. I want this even more now. The wings though were a huge surprise sliding out for more flexibility could have a lot of dynamic poses with this.