Katoki Hajime to Produce More Gundam Fix Figuration

Tamashii Feature's official Twitter teases that Katoki Hajime will be producing more in Gundam Fix Figuration series, but they did not clarify which Gundam he will be using for the next project.

Announcements will posted here on our official website as usual anytime this year [2017]. Tamashii Features will be holding events to display their latest products and projects to be released in the future.

Katoki Hajime's Illustration of
GFF RX-89-2 Gundam Ver. Ka
The Gundam Fix Figuration [GFF] series are collectible figures was produced by Gundam mechanical designer Katoki Hajime. These figures share the similar features found in Mobile Suit in Action [MSiA] series, with more details and has more accessories. The GFF series also often utilize changeable parts and variants of the models to offer the collector a wide variety of display abilities.

The series uses PVC with some ABS plastic for construction materials. They've also released some spin offs of the series offering variety of Gundams and Mobile Suits from certain series line; Gundam 00, Gundam Wing, Zeon Forces-focused line, and more!

Gundam Fix series were made to convert Katoki Hajime's vision into reality! Details and durability are just two of the many characteristics that Fix series caters for the collector. There's more to experience, and the project will be more exciting as technology grows.

More announcements will be detailed on later dates.

Here are some of the figures from the GFF line.


  1. I'd love to see some of the GFF figures get a re-release. They're stupid expensive right now. I'd love to pick up the Gundam/GM ver Ka, and maybe a second Gundam Real Type/GM Sniper Custom.

  2. Suiton, it is your time to declare again your stupid wish list...