Fun to Build GunPla! A Bandai Hobby Division Contest [Japan]

Set of contests will be held every two months between April to September 2017. The contest is to promote the "Fun to Build GunPla" project by Bandai Hobby division. The contest will be judged by Mr. Katsmi Kawaguchi and Bandai Hobby Division team. Gorgeous prizes are waiting for all the winners of the contests for each event period.

This month's theme is divided into two sets; Set A is for "Mass Production Type" and set B is for "Iron-Blooded Orphans". Each categories will have their own set of rules! You can read more about the rules for each set in Bandai Hobby's official website.

Set A: Mass Production Type

Focuses on builds that portrays the features of a mass production mobile suits. This set encourages modelers to use Mass Production type Mobile Suits like; GM, Zaku, Guncannon, and more!
 Set B: Iron-Blooded Orphans

This set focuses on the Mobile Suits that can only be seen from the Iron-Blooded Orphans series. Kit bash and paint them with style!

Work submission will be accepted until May 28, 2017 11:59 P.M. JST

Winners of each sets will receive these amazing prizes!

Set A:
  • First Prize: Airbrush Set [1 winner]
  • Excellent Prize: Gundam Marker Set [50 winners]

Set B:
  • First Prize: Airbrush Set [1 winner]
  • Excellent Prize: Special Nipper and Twizzers [50 winners]

To know more about the contest, you can visit this page for more info:

Gundam Barbatos Assault
A sample build model via Bandai Hobby Division as a reference for the contest.

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