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Viral Pics of Dismantling 1:1 Gundam Statue Put Fans to Panic

Viral Pics of Disassembled 1:1 Gundam Are Not from GFT [Do not Panic Just yet]

Just this week, some photos of the 1:1 Gundam being disassembled are lingering in social media. To clear things up, Katsumi Kawaguchi himself posted on facebook, that those pics are images of the dismantling of the statue from the the Shiokaze Park back in 2009. 

Real Grade 1:1 Gundam statue will be taken down officially on March 5, 2017!
It is true that the Gundam will be taken down temporarilly, but not until March 5, 2017. Do not panic!- Katsumi Kawaguchi

Visitors can still go inside the building of GFT [7th floor] until April 5, 2017 for the LAST SHOOTING project campaign, to celebrate the temporary retirement of the 1:1 scale Gundam statue from GFT.

Here's the picture of the Real Grade 1:1 Gundam being disassembled at Shiokaze Park.
Mr. Kawaguchi also made a statement about the decals used on its right shoulder is just another obvious giveaway that this is not the one from GFT.

Gundam will be back in 2019 for its 40th anniversary. Details will be announced on our site.

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