HG 1/144 YMS-03 Waff Straight Build Review

Alright, before we start the review. I would like to thank TATSUHOBBY for providing this "no Zaku" kit to be reviewed on our site. Tatsuhobby has been my favorite online store since Banshee conversion kit back in 2011-2012. Their store have grown better! I am also glad to say that they are also carrying some Premium Bandai kits for you to buy.

Well, let's start the review.

First, I really like how the kit looks. The details and the decals are wonderful additions to the new generation kits like this one. Well, the kit itself is full of amazing surprises for a collector like me. 

The joints and part separation suggests some modification ideas. I really like that Bandai is separating as much as parts as possible now to provide us some detailing and color separation ideas if we want to modify our kits. This kit, Waff is one example of that amazing transformation of GunPla in 35 years.

The image below is just one of the great articulation Waff can do. It could bend its legs and knees 45 degrees to perform a perfect kneeling position.

The mono eye can be moved! So happy!

The elbow and arm joint also has some amazing articulation. Arms could bend like this...

And this is one of the surprise articulation it performs. The torso armor of Waff is separated in to about 6-8 parts including the polycaps. The back armor provides more articulation to reach both elbows on at a time, back armor also is divided into three parts to extend the articulation for more dramatic poses.

Here are some poses that I did while playing with the kit. I am sure that there are tons more poses that you can do to this kit.

My only disappointment to this kit is that it has some huge ugly nubs on bazooka.


  • Details are top-notch for a High Grade model kit
  • Parts separation is great
  • Polycaps and joints are durable for dramatic poses
  • Color separation is ok
  • Arms are compatible with some Gundam the Origin HG model kits like; Gouf, Mobile Worker
  • Ugly nubs on bazooka, or mostly on black molded parts of the kit
  • Hand / Manipulator polycaps are made of hard plastic that may loose its grip overtime when changing the hand pose too often.

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