February 23, 2016

A new Real Grade will be announced in the 3rd quarter of 2016. What could this be?

Unicorn Gundam? Gundam Barbatos? GM?


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  2. I am going to guess and say it will be either Unicorn or Sinanju to commemorate the Unicorn TV series.
    Barbatos would be interesting and profitable for Bandai, but the Unicorn series would be more profitable in the sense that with Barbatos it only has 6 total variations, whereas Unicorn alone they have a lot more.

    (assuming an RG Unicorn will no do the transformation)

    Unicorn [Unicorn Mode]
    Unicorn [Destroy Mode]
    Full Armor Unicorn [Unicorn Mode] Red
    Full Armor Unicorn [Destroy Mode] Red
    Full Armor Unicorn [Unicorn Mode] Green
    Full Armor Unicorn [Destroy Mode] Green

    (6 for Unicorn Gundam)

    Banshee [Unicorn Mode]
    Banshee [Destroy Mode]
    Banshee Norn [Unicorn Mode] yellow
    Banshee Norn [Destroy mode] yellow
    Banshee Norn [Unicorn Mode] green
    Banshee Norn [Destroy mode] green

    (6 for Banshee)

    Unicorn Phenex [Unicorn Mode]
    Unicorn Phenex [Destroy Mode]

    (2 for Phenex)

    So potentially that would be 14 total releases based on the Unicorn Mode.

    And then they could do a RG Sinanju Stein and RG Sinaju.

    So that'd be like 16 RGs total includin what I presume would include Premium Bandai releases for some of these, which would make more profits for Bandai.

    1. So, this is where you're spamming your BS, suiton. Where there is more freedom and less people will call you out. (h)

    2. I don't get what you mean about BS?
      suiton629 is just posting what he/she thinks is a likely situation.
      If you have nothing helpful to say, then please do not say anything.
      I don't think suiton629 did anything here.

      I did see something about a possible RG Unicorn Gundam so I think suiton629 just made a good educated guess as to what he/she thought would be the next set of RG model toys that Bandai makes.

      I also think that the new Unicorn anime series might be why we get RG Unicorn in the first place.

    3. @anon0114
      Perhaps you don't know who suiton is.

      He just a certain Gundam community troll who became infamous for spamming wishlists, whining why his wishlists doesn't get any releases, hates on anything UC, Turn A and G-Reco related, disrespecting others opinions, bragging how great he is, begging for money, buying kits but will not build them and many more.

      These actions of his led to most of Gundam sites banning him, however not on this site, thus him continuing his status quo here.

      I hope this is a good intro to arguably, the most infamous troll of the Gundam community.

  3. It definitely won't be Barbatos, the is no point in a rg Barbatos and it's way too early

  4. RG. infinite Justice pls . ..