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August 20, 2015
P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Nataku EW Ver. 
Release Date: December 2015
Price: TBA

Originally teased at Gundam ACE magazine September 2015 issue as Endless Waltz Glory of Losers ver. But no, it will just be the original EW ver.



  1. Wait so this could be fake? Oh man. If this is fake then people are going to go TRANS AM BURST OMEGA SUPER SAIYAN GOD MODE..LOL

    Damn. So what are we getting in September, October, and November? And it's weird since usually the December kit is the big one so an MG that is relatively small is getting a December release? Oh god. Don't tell me they plan on doing like a whole bunch of Glory of Loser MGs all at once?! That would be freakin awesome and crazy at the same time.
    Like imagine that we got:
    - MG Altron EW [Glory of Loser Ver]
    - MG Heavyarms Kai EW [Glory of Loser Ver]
    - MG Sandrock Kai EW [Glory of Loser Ver]
    - MG Wing Gundam EW [Glory of Loser Ver]
    - MG Wing Gundam Zero EW [Glory of Loser Ver]
    ...all in December be it through Premium Bandai and regular releases. Damn. Bandai might kill us like that.
    Or we can't forget guys like Epyon Bai, Tallgeese Flugal, Mercurius, and Vayeate.

  2. the kit is not GotL version... It doesn't has the tail and wing backpack...

    1. Hence the "EW Ver" part in the name. My guess is that the GOTL version will come via a Premium Bandai add on so basically you will have to get this P-Bandai and another P-Bandai add on. I guess Bandai doesn't have too much faith in the Wing series which is a shame, but at least we are getting this guy?

      But now I am pretty sure we will get Heavyarms Kai EW and Sandrock Kai EW (the movie suits) as P-Bandai releases as well. And then maybe they will do a new MG Wing EW and MG Wing Zero EW under the GOTL name to prevent any confusion with existing kits.



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