Sunday, February 01, 2015
MODIFICATION TYPE: Kit-Bash, Custom Paint, Light-weathering, Scratch-built parts, Parts-Modification.
KITS USED: 1/144 Wing Zero Custom, 1/144 Gundam Wing, 1/144 Tallgeese-III, 1/144 Heavy-Arms Custom, 1/144 Gundam Nataku, Gunpla Battle Arm Arms, MS Hand (04)

SHORT MESSAGE ABOUT THE KIT: Originally built back in 2003 with the first release of Bandai's 1/144 Gundam Wing HG line, I have recently upgraded this kit-bash with MS parts, and a new paint scheme.
Instead of simply combining all the mobile suits from the series, I wanted to create a Gundam that I would actually pilot myself, using weapons that I felt would give my mobile suit the advantage in combat. I created the METEOR-WALTZ with the Ranger Class from MMORPGs in mind so it's designed for Long-Range support and Maneuverability.
This is my first fully customized kit, and I'm still learning how to finish better builds. Hopefully this inspires more people to take up Gunpla as a hobby as I find it quite fulfilling, particularly for those long boring days.

Please feel free to visit for more of my builds!