Real Grade Collection by GKC

Hello! Just want to share my completed RG collection from # 1 ~ 21! I really love collecting the Real Grade series, just because of its wonderful details in very cheap price ranging from 2500 - 3000 Yen!

Converted my Aile Strike Gundam into Perfect Strike Gundam, I am quite happy about the result!

I also love building variations of each Mobile Suits. Like what I did to my Aile Strike Gundam and Gundam Exia! so far, I have 4 variants for Aile Strike and 10 for Gundam Exia.

I am also planning to get one more of Aile Strike for Gunbarrel Strike Gundam.

Oh, before I forget, the RG GP01 has been converted to GP00 Blossom. So I will need to get the RG GP01 to complete the collection!

The RG collection is getting bigger as we approach the release of RG Sinanju. I am also waiting for RG Blue Frame and Gold Frame to arrive in mail. I am also looking forward to see if I could hunt some deactive modes for the RG Seed series.

So far, I've collected more than 40 RG GunPla since RX-78-2 Gundam.

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