Custom Build: 1/100 scale G-SYSTEM MSN-04 SAZABI Customized colors

Model used: 1/100 scale G-System MSN-04 SAZABI

Modeler: Anazasi Custom

Country : Manila, Phils.

More photos here_ 1/100 G-SYSTEM MSN-04 SAZABI Anazasi Custom

This is a Singapore project that lasted about 4 months in the making. It was actually a restoration project and was originally painted with a Titanium Red finish. It was really hard stripping all those paints specially on the inner frames which is made of plastic. The resin armor parts however really needs massive paint strip down. My good friend Bok and I decided on a much dark and evil looking color scheme which would really looks great on Sazabi. Colors used here are all Mr.Hobby colors and metal parts are also added for the added mechanical details.

It is a back-heavy SAZABI design. But most of the inner mechanical details can be seen at the back. The back skirts opens up and reveals the mechanical turbines. The armors also connected with different sizes of NEODYMIUM magnets which can stand at least 4lbs. of pressure. Those magnets are located in each armors. The back pack have also 3 Neodymium magnets attached on its connector pegs. The Fuel tanks has 3 Neodymium magnets as well. 

vanz najoseki

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