1/100 MSN-06S SINANJU ''The Black Knight'' Custom colors by Anazasi Custom

Modeler's name: Anazasi Custom

Model kit used: 1/100 scale MSN-06S SINANJU MG

Country: Phils.

I love trying out on black gloss finish. Although it's kinda hard what colors blends well with black. Gold and Silver would be nice. Good thing about Sinanju is that it has these gold emblems running around it's whole body. This color however reminds me of ''GAWAIN " KNIGHTMARE Frame ,another type of mechs from CODE: GEASS anime series. And just added a few touches of red on some areas.

Colors used here are as follows: Mr.Hobby Gloss Black, GX Blue GOLD, Shine Red, Cool White , Stainless Steel Alclad, Aqua Gloss for top coat and Super gloss coats.

vanz najoseki

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