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August 29, 2014
On Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino's latest interview in Spa! magazine, he was asked about his reaction about the Gundam fans that are saying bad things about his upcoming series, Gundam G no Reconguista aka Gundam Reconguista in G.

He replied...
"I'm not making this for you, so please show it to your children and grandchildren, instead" - Tomino

Tomino also stated some facts about the handling of the 2011 earthquake and nuclear crisis in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, saying that both of the incidents were the inspiration of the G-Reco's launch. He also wants to point out that adults are not able to clean up the messes they cause.

Well, I guess some of the fans are really dropping the bomb already even the target is not there yet, meaning, why don't we wait until we judge? but why judge it if it is not even for you? it's like eating peanut butter when you know you're allergic to it.

...and yes, if it's not for you, don't watch it, keep calm and enjoy the show!


  1. i hate when people judge something that they don't even what's it about. well, the same thing happened to the gbf last year. then now they asked for second season. bunch of ass is what I personally call those fags.

    and I really like the character design on this one, though my only problem is to remember their names haha

    1. glad that we are on the same page! :d

    2. lets be honest , gbf is basically gundam porn .No entertaining story to captivate nor characters that gives a little in depth.
      The red hair guy character , reiji wasnt it? he could die in the new season and I wont give a damn as the only thing matters in GBF ; mobile suits duking it out against each other, just put almost under average plot and you get an audience, who'll just there to see the action..

    3. Well, we could say that GBF is gundam porn, but at least Reiji x Aila and Sei x China is still a better love story than twilight or Shinn x Luna

  2. Its a cool concept but the character art style bugs the hell out of me, and i understand that its not targeted for me. So not that interested in it sure I keep up with the MS roll out to see whats new. I have to admit I have pretty much checked out from the Gundam Series about Seed, Though I really did enjoy Build Fighters.

  3. But Tomino...if I don't like it, then why would I show it to my children or grandchildren..?! I don't think he thought that one through.



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