Gundam Reconguista in G"G-Reco" - Character Files

First look at G-RECO / G- Reconguista in G characters.
English names will be provided soon

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Bellri Zenam (CV: Mark Ishii)
A cadet in the Capital Guard Academy, created to advance the protection of the Capital Tower.
His prodigious talents carry him upward in the ranks quickly, earning a double promotion.
He falls for Aida at first sight, and joins the pirates in their battle against the Capital Army.
He is one of three people who can pilot the G-Self.

Noredo Nug (CV: Minako Kotobuki)

A student at Saint Flower Academy, and a member of its cheerleading squad.
Fond of Bellri, she goes out of her way to spend time with him.
A caring, responsible individual, she looks after the amnesiac Raraiya.

Luin Lee (CV: Takuya Sato)
A cadet at the Capital Guard Academy. He is head of Bellri's class.
While he normally acts mature and responsible, his status as a Kuntala weighs upon him.
He is Manny's boyfriend.

Raraiya Monday (CV: Yukari Fukui)

A girl who suddenly appears on Earth piloting the G-Self.
An amnesiac, she is given the name "Monday" when Captain Dellensen takes her under his protection on a Monday.
She is one of three people who can pilot the G-Self.

Aida Rayhunton (CV: Yu Shimamura)
A young woman who forms part of the pirate detachment.
She is one of three people who can pilot the G-Self.
Using the captured G-Self, she attempts to seize a Photon Battery, but is in turn captured by Bellri.
Her background is not what it seems at first.

Dellensen Samatar

An instructor at the Capital Guard Academy who is recalled to serve in the Capital Army. 
He pilots a Catsith and an Elf Bull against the the pirates.

Kerbes Yoh
An instructor at the Capital Guard Academy. Dellensen's subordinate.

He pilots the mobile suit Recksnow.

Cahill Saint

The man behind the plan to seize Capital Tower.
He attempts to rescue Aida after her capture by the Capital Guard.

Klim Nick

The son of Ameria's President, he is an extremely talented mobile suit pilot with strong ambition.

Piloting the Montero, he joins the pirates in an effort to rescue Aida.

Nobell / Harobi

A HAROBE-type diagnostics robot.
It was a gift from Noredo to Bellri, and bears a portmanteau of their names.
It's one of Bellri's dearest possessions.

Manny Ambassada 

Luin's girlfriend.

Like Noredo, she's a student at Saint Flower Academy and a member of the cheerleading squad.

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