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June 14, 2014
Gathered some of the best Photoshopped GunPlas and Gundam Action figures around the net.
Which one is the best for you?

1:1 hi-nu Gundam on Aircraft Carrier

see the original image here

1:1 Perfect Gundam
- Pretty nice and realistic image yes?

1:1 SD RX-78-2 Gundam
this one got me, I thought it was a large scale inflatable RX-78-2 Gundam when I first saw it couple of years ago, love the lighting on this one!

1:1 Guntank
Well this one might be the coolest thing ever. They should do this for real!
Anyway, you can see the original image here

1:1 RX-121 Gundam TR-1 (Hazel)
This Hazel looks cool!
I can see a live action movie with this one haha

1:1 Apsalus II
This shot was an entry to the HCM Pro contest.

EZ-8 and MG Gundam Ground Type
This photo has been lingering around the net for a long time now. Pretty neat Photoshop, I like the slight realistic effect it has.

1:1 V2 Gundam
Awesome photography made this great!

Here's another HCM pro figures that looks kinda real. the only problem here is the lighting, but otherwise, the whole scene looks real enough.

found this one at Sandrum's deviant art page. For some reason, these Kampfers look real under the lighting.

- this photoshopped image of GM diorama is wonderful!

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  1. The only Gundam that looks realistic are hi nu (because it's far from the viewers but I'm sure the carrier will sink or damaged if the Gundam takes off.

    2nd is the SD although it's just a bigger version of the regular SD.

    3rd is the Guntank (its better if the pic was greyscale and add some rust effect on the Guntank

    And the last one are EZ8 & Ground Type. The others aren't bad but they still look like toys in the pics



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