10 Funny and Weird Official Gundam/ Mobile Suit Designs

we've gathered some weird and funny looking Gundam and Mobile Suit Designs from some Gundam series. Which one is your favorite among these designs?

Nether Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Probably the most racist Gundam series I've ever seen. Well, most of the Gundams in this series were ridiculously designed. 

Matador Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Here's another funny looking design for a Gundam. Forget those huge horns, be careful with that huge bull's face on its body.

Nobel Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam
No problem with this one, just find it funny and cute at the same time. Who would've thought that someone would put genders on a Gundam.

Juaggu from Gundam MSV / Unicorn Gundam
Juaggu might be the most realistic of all the weirdest looking mobile suit we've seen. But yeah, as I said it is the most realistic looking one. They could produce one in the future, without any problem at all.
 Mermaid Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam
This one just made my day when I first saw it long time ago. Sweetness! This is just so weird.

Turn A Gundam from Correct Century Turn A
This Gundam is not really "THAT" kind of weird, it's more like funny with that cockpit on it's umm, you know. and a mustache fin on its face.

Agg from Gundam 0079
I've been seeing this for quite a while now. This poor thing would've made into HGUC. Well, they have it on the old kits so why not? I still like it's weird design, just because I think that this is more realistic compare to other MS.

Zakrello from Gundam 0079
Ok, this one's a bit angry so you better not mess with this guy. 

Agguguy from Gundam 0079
Another weird Mobile Suit. Though I really like its weirdness.

Danazine from Gundam AGE
A dinosaur mobile suit huh? that's the first thing that came out from my mind when I first saw this MS from Gundam AGE.



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    1. The juaggus were designed and built for the assault on jaburo but none were present do to char jumping the gun

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