RG 1/144 Exia Review by TR13

Reviewed by TR13

Finally getting round to reviewing this RG kit; this is to be my first RG kit that I have ever built. As you may know, I primarily work on MG's since this is the grade I am most comfortable in building, re-modding and painting. Always wanted to experience the RG line and who knew it would be Exia right? Was pretty hyped when this was announced since I am a big fan of 00; I have a few MG's lying around as backlog namely, EXIA and 7S so I figured that I build the RG first to get a feel on certain aspects of the grade.



First things first, the parts; my god the parts are tiny and not just tiny, they are very tiny! I know from experience that a few MG's have tiny parts but seeing the RG runners, it's on a whole different level of tiny. This is again, one of the main reasons as to why I only build MG's due to its size, I have quite large hands and I really struggled snapping some of the parts together as I could not properly hold them in place; one particular area is the head unit, it took me a whole 5 minutes to set the face mask in place.


Pretty Awesome IF
It's all new to me, to have an already built frame is pretty cool; saves time and all you need to do is simply cut them out, very convenient for straight builds. However, this presents a new challenge on how to paint them; conventional lacquer paints does not quite cut it with this so called "original" frame. For one, it is made out of the same material as the polycaps; rubbery and quite fragile. Saying that, you really need to move them with extra care as too much pressure will simply break it.  Before I embark on the mods for a particular project; I always study the kit itself first to plan my paint detail but with this kit, since the frame is already built, it makes the task a lot more challenging since it will require a lot of masking and paint being scratched is almost unavoidable.

Armour Details

Needs more details IMO
I was a bit disappointed actually on how this particular RG kit lacks details compared to its other counterpart kits; just look at the GP01 and GP01FB; both look stunning even without paint; add a little panel line wash and
the richness in details comes out automatically. With this, it's simply lacking; I expected more but it is what it is.

Love the shine on the Sword
Probably the best feature on this kit, love the redesigned GN sword and those chrome parts are simply a thing of beauty; it's really shiny too which is definitely a bonus. Simplicity over complexity it is awesome indeed.

Build wise, this kit is OK; as I mentioned earlier, I struggled building some areas due to the size of the parts which some are almost microscopic. The one area I got really confused is when I assembled the lower legs, specifically the shin area. The GN power line is made out of a holographic'ish material that kinda reflects light and gives this very unique sheen, it's very cool but on the shin area; since the shin part bends and the GN power line does not, it's very awkward to look at as it does not fully set on the shin itself and you see this big gap when looking at the kit sideways.
MG'Fied Tech

Another area is the side skirts or rather the rounded parts where the GN Daggers are mounted; to put it simply, there are holes on the daggers itself and all you have to do is simply plug the GN Daggers on the male connector to mount. As the male connector is octagonal in shape, this makes it very difficult to swivel and as a result, when your posing the kit, it really does gets in the way and thus restricting the articulation.


Articulation is quite restricted here
Not as good as I thought it would be, since the frontal and back skirts are in 2 parts, this made it bulky and gave it little room to move. As a result, the legs are again restricted and it can no longer lift the legs forward to its original range of motion due to the skirt being in the way of the main armour.

To summarise it all; it's a kit that almost delivers but then not quite enough. It has all the potential of being great only to be restricted by the redesign itself. Exia to me is an acrobatic Gundam, performing crazy moves to destroy its enemies; this RG is far from its anime counterpart due to its very restricted articulation. However, being it a Real Grade, I love the proportions and the more refined look compared to the HG. I am in-love with the weapon details as well as the armour separations that this kit has offered. With that said, my experience with this kit definitely opened up my eyes and broadened my Gunpla horizon. I still urge you to buy this kit to experience it for yourself. Final Score - 5/10

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