My Gundam Kits Collection

It's been 6 years since I started collecting GunPla again! I lost like 10 model kits when I was 7 years old, I still remember playing with my Wing and X model kits back in the days... I started collecting again when I came to Canada in December 2007 then I bought my first kit in 2008 in month that I don't remember. It was my first time buying GunPla for my self so I was kinda noob back then.
I bought a High Grade 1/144 Gouf Ignited, I was so excited and grabbed it for 30 bucks in mall, I've been buying my model kits since then for almost a year in the same model kit shop and I found out that I was buying them for twice the normal price! Well, life got to suck sometimes so I stopped buying from them. 

I got my job at in 2008 of October, got my credit card and started buying online, yay! cheaper model kits indeed. I was buying from, those days, I was happy, got my money, I was buying like 10-15 kits a month, finish them all once I got them. 

In 2011, I found my self making a blog that would teach people where and what to buy for their first GunPla. I called it, yeah it was kind of a success that time and I have started making the Gundam Kits facebook page, and yup, it's a success too! 

The website started growing over the years, I met lots of people that loves GunPla, and I made some of them admins of the blog and facebook page too. They are great team or shall I say great friends of mine who brought my dreams beyond my imagination.

I want to thank all the people who helped us grow, especially those people who always support us and view our website everyday. We won't be here without you!

Ok, here they are! my whole collection with some backlogs that needs to built, wew I need time for those! and new shelf too. I am going to continue this hobby forever!

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