10 Ronald McDonald x Gundam Collaboration

Hello folks! here are some McDo x Gundam collaboration by Gundam fans! What can you say? I like how the fans are calling for McDonald's attention to actually collaborate with them. Err, we've seen them do it with 7 Eleven so why not with McDonald's too?

We found these...

Gundam 00 x Ronald McDonald A Wakening of the Trailblazer
Gundam Happy Meal please!

The famous Beargguy III collaboration with McDonald!

Beargguy III collaboration with Ronald McDonald!

Oh yeah, You want fries with that? Here's Ronald McDOMnald

Sweet Looking Warrior Zaku x Ronald McDonald. I like that it has fries shield.
 You have probably seen this a couple times but here it is again, the Unicorn Gundam McDonald
Unicorn Gundam McDonald

Hey! There's also a Mcdonald x Gundam in this picture, just take a look at the lower left corner.

Gundam Double X McDonald or should we say Double M

Gundam Double X McDonald

SDGO x Ronald McDonald, pretty nice!

This one is cool too, a diorama of Gundam AGE-1 Normal x McDonald's restaurant.

What should I call this one? Char McDonald...fair enough?

Char McDonald

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