10 Gundam Inspired Gadgets That You Might Want to Have

Here are ten of the coolest Gundam inspired gadgets that you might want to have. Some of these are made by fans too, so you might want to try making one for your own use.

Some of these were already discontinued by manufacturers, but most of the time, you can find rare gadgets like these in ebay and other auction sites you may know.

Haro Mac Mini Case

what do you think of this one?

I'd get one if it's not that talkative haha! 
And if I could find a link where to buy it, I'd be more happy to share it to you guys!

AE Media, Gundam Inspired CPU casing

White Base External Hard Drive!

Fan Made Gundam Unicorn Awakening Mode Digital Camera

Haro Haro and Dom Inspired Head Phones.
available at alibaba.com

Gundam Inspired USB Flash Drive 
available at ebay.com (sometimes)

Sinanju Inspired Desktop Mouse
available in 4 designs

  • Gundam Unicorn
  • Banshee
  • Kshatriya
  • Sinanju

Haro digital alarm clock (Solar powered)

always late? Haro will wake you up in time!

Char Aznable Keyboard (oh yeah 3x times jokes anyone?)

RX-78 Home Computer

Table, images and info below credits to old-computers.com

"Little is known about this small computer. Since the Gundam Rx-78 was only sold in Japan nearly all the information currently comes from Japanese websites.

The capabilities of the RX-78 were not bad at all for 1983, and the space between the keys offered the possibility to use keyboard overlays with games or applications, except maybe for complaints about the poor keyboard quality.

It appears that there were two cartridge slots at the back of the system. One slot was often used for the BS Basic programming language and the other could be used for special expansion cartridges (to connect a printer for example).

The BS-Basic cartridge was also equipped with connectors to plug a tape-recorder into the RX-78.

NAME  Gundam RX-78
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  September 1983
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  BS-BASIC delivered on cartridge
KEYBOARD  QWERTY chicklet keyboard, 61 keys
CPU  Zilog Z80A
SPEED  4.1Mhz
RAM  30 kb
ROM  8 kb
TEXT MODES  30 x 23
GRAPHIC MODES  192 x 184
COLOrsc  27
SOUND  3 voices (4 octaves) + 1 noise generator
SIZE / WEIGHT  286 x 210 x 48.5 mm / 1.5kg
I/O PORTS  2 joysticks sockets, 2 x cartridge slots, RF video, video & sound (RCA)
PRICE  59800 yens (Japan, 1983)

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