10 Gundam Fix Figuration Models That Needs to be in HGUC!

Since Bandai announced that they're going to do the "All Gundam Project" I've been wondering which Gundams and Mobile Suits will be released! 

As we wait for the future releases, here are 10 of the list that they still haven't released yet in HGUC line. 

MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type Plan 303E "Deep Striker"

Yes, we know that this is going to be an expensive kit, but not as expensive as the HGUC Dendrobium so, why not Bandai?

FA-78-1 Gundam Full Armor Type

I really like the design of this one, just because it looks bulky but NOT that bulky. The color scheme is also nice!

RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom

Same with Full Armor Gundam, I like this one because of its color scheme and looks. GMs are the best!\

PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam

Perfect Gundam might be something that you wanna look forward to, if they release this in HGUC, the Perfect Zeong would be just around the corner too!

Zeta II

I've been digging Z II's looks since I first saw it, the over all build of this guy is just stunning!

Full Armor ZZ Gundam

Gundam Sentinel is another line that I would want to get an attention to HGUC line. FAZZ is just one amazing design.

Full Armor Hyaku Shiki

MSF-007 Gundam MK-III

Gundam Mk. III is a must in HGUC! love its design and looks, the color scheme of the picture below is beyond expection and I'd prefer the original colors.

RX-78-6 Mudrock Gundam 

This one has potential too, hopefully they release all the RX-78 variations!

MSZ-006C1 (Bst) Zeta Plus C1 "Hummingbird"

Last but not the least, the Hummingbird! yes, just like the Deepstriker, this one caught my attention just because it has bulky features.

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