P-Bandai: PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Blue Frame - Content Preview by GundamKitsCollection.com

Hello folks! here's one short content preview of my Perfect Grade 1//60 Gundam Astray Blue Frame + giant bazooka( M68 Cattus)!

I must say that I am really impressed with the content even if it doesn't have the Gerbera Straight's mold. Though it does have the enlarged Giant Bazooka for the blue frame, which is quite impressive for Bandai doing something big for a Premium Bandai kit.

Yes, this is 99% remold of the PG Red Frame.

I also like that the leg connector and knee have heavy metal materials to support its durability and weight, and looks like I am going to have fun building this kit! This is my first Perfect Grade since I don't really collect huge scale GunPla, I rather stay in 1/144 - 1/100 kits, but this one is going to be a big step for me.

Although this is going to be my first Perfect Grade kit, lots of familiar parts are already calling me to build it immediately, like the polycaps, silver coated pistons and the "cattus"  that looks fantastic.

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