MG 1/100 Kampfer - Custom Build

MG 1/100 Kampfer - Custom Build
by DC23

from the modeler:
"Ello guys, someone suggested that I give a Gundam the same photo treatment I did with my Brutishdog kit which is a high contrast night effect -.. One light source photography So basically I did, and what better kit to do it is my kampfer My Kampfer HAS yellow Side and a Black Side Which Thought I would look extra Special once you put the light source over the yellow Side only. Anyways, I USED my Nokia cellphone as the main light source and Placed it around the yellow Side in Different Angles for different effects. Looks great I think ... gives the Kampfer a more menacing look. I was uploading the photos at the same old Kampfer gallery but then I realized that the old gallery has sooo much pictures already, thus its loading time is a bit . long SO, I decided to give these photos a different gallery of it's own and labeled it MG Kampfer ver DC23 -. Night mode Anyways here are the pics ...
Sweet combination of colors, the details are looking awesome and very promising too. The sharp photography also gave the kit some great angles that would appreciate its details.

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