Gundam Unicorn x Rapi:T Nankai Express

Mineva Lao Zabi
"Rapi:t (ラピート rapiito?) is a rapid train service between Kansai International Airport and Namba Station in Osaka, Japan. It is operated by Nankai Electric Railway, and the train service uses on the Nankai Main Line and the Airport Line. The name comes from the German word meaning rapid, pronounced [ʁaˈpiːt].
The futuristic and retro-style six-car Rapi:t trainsets, officially designated as the Nankai 50000 series, were designed by architect Wakabayashi Hiroyuki and won the Blue Ribbon Prize in 1995, 1 year after entering service. - wikipedia

"Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd."will be collaborating with Gundam UC for a limited time from April 26 until June 30, 2014.

This is to promote the Gundam Unicorn Final Episode and the 20th anniversary of the Nankai Express. The collaboration will be giving passengers a chance to feel the Gundam UC universe in their train. 

They also specialized 3 seats for Mineva Zabi, Full Frontal and Angelo Sauper.

The train will be symbolizing Full Frontal's Sinanju, for 3 times faster speed (not really).

Full Frontal's and Angelo Sauper's Seats
Here's a look of the planned floor path to next car.

Here are the tickets for the train. Identified on what seat you are going to be sitting on.

Limited Edition Gundam Unicorn x Rapi:T Towels (1000 pieces only)
for 1,000 Yen each

Limited Edtion Rapi:T Clear file folder set (1,500 pieces only)
for 700 Yen each 2 piece set

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