Gundam Unicorn Episodes 1 through 6 Summary

Episode 7 is almost here, so why don't we go 6 episodes back to see what we need to know?

Episode 1: Day of the Unicorn

So there was a group called "Sleeves" which is under Neo-Zeon remnant captained by Zinnerman, traveled to Side 4's Industrial 7 colony to receive a "key" to "something" we know as the "Laplace's Box" (La+) from Cardeas Vist (leader of Vist Foundation).

The item was rumored to be the key to the destruction of future and the world itself (kinda scary.)

There was Mineva Lao Zabi who disguised as "Audrey Burne" to seek Cardeas Vist to convince him to turn over the La+`s Box, because she believes that the Sleeves will use it to start another war. While searching for Cardeas Vist, Audrey was rescued by a 16-year old student Banagher Links from a possible accident, that brought her closer to Vist.

Meanwhile, a decisive battle between Sleeves and Federation's Londo Bell task forces happened. As the chaos rises, all the people in the colony was evacuated. Banagher then find himself in front of the wounded Cardeas Vist inside the cockpit of a machine, a machine called Gundam, and that Gundam is called the Unicorn Gundam.

Before Vist's death, Vist entrusted the Unicorn Gundam to Banagher Links, then he realized that Vist is his father.

NZ-666 Kshatriya
Banagher went out to the battle field in space and then encountered a Sleeves mobile suit called Kshatriya piloted by elite pilot Marida Cruz. Without knowing Banagher triggered Unicorn's (NT-D System) also known as the New Type Destroyer.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)

Episode 2: The Second Coming of Char

The Char kick!
Daguza Mackle
Kshatriya was no match for the overpowered Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode, so Marida had to retreat!
After the battle, Unicorn Gundam was recovered by the Londo Bell space ship "Nahel Argama".

"Banagher is questioned by Daguza Mackle about how he came to possess the Unicorn Gundam but is interrupted by the Sleeves' surprise attack."

Then there was Full Frontal (the Char) who demanded Nahel Argama to hand over all the items related to Laplace's Box, and of course including the Unicorn Gundam.

Daguza tries to ensure everything is safe, so they hold Audrey Burne ehem...Mineva Zabi as ehemm...the Zeon's Princess as hostage! But Full Frontal refuses to accept that they have the real Mineva Zabi.

Without any choice, Banagher piloted the Unicorn Gundam again and fought the Full Frontal's Red Mobile Suit called Sinanju. Yes, the fight between them was awesome but Banagher was captured with the Unicorn when blind sided by the Kshatriya. After the battle, Banagher was taken to meet Full Frontal at the Sleeves asteroid base of Palau.

Full Frontal unmasked

Episode 3: The Ghost of Laplace

Earth Feddies and ECOAS launched their attack in Palau, along with their intention to rescue Banager (how sweet). The saboteurs destroyed Palau's connecting bridges, while the Nahel Argama launched its Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, that pushed the asteroids towards each other and damage most of the Sleeve's forces. Any Sleeves mobile suits getting out will be ambushed by ECOAS units that is hiding behind the rocks.

Micott Bartsch
Riddhe Marcenas, took out Audrey Burne from detention to take her to Earth and talk to his father, Ronan, but before they get out of the Argama, Micott Bartsch found out Riddhe's plans, Audrey then explained the situation to her and she seemed to understand and she let them go.

Afterwards, Banagher found the Unicorn Gundam and tried to escape with it, defeating Marida in the process. Marida was eventually captured and Alberto Vist was allowed to guide her to Anaheim Electronics Facility on Earth.

Daguza launched bazooka on Sinaju's face
Daguza with Banagher, they've proceeded to the remains of Laplace with their intention to activate it, knowing that the Sleeves were just right behind them with EFSF/ECOAS units fight them. Full Frontal and his Sinanju appeared in the remains of Laplace and Daguza sacrificed his life for Banagher to buy some time just to activate the Unicorn Gundam's Destroy Mode... (That was just sad!)

Of course Banagher took the time, Destroy Mode was activated, Laplace colony's parts were shed because of the fight. Banagher's anger continues while they were dropping from the atmosphere of the Earth, Full Frontal was confronting him but Banagher didn't listen, shoots Unicorn's beam rifle that was for Full Fontal, Gilboa Sant inside the Geara Zulu caught the beam instead...that ended up to a death of another great comrade...(damn it Banagher!)

But anyway, as those tragic happening in the space and atmosphere, Audrey and Riddhe had successfully landed to their destination.
Daguza salutes Banagher (tearjerker scene!)
Episode 4: At the Bottom of the Gravity Well

Zeon Remnant forces attacked the Federation Capitol Building at Dakar in a distracting operation to allow the Garencieres to descend to Earth safe. Banagher was revealed to be rescued from possible death by the Garencieres crew.

Marida in front of wrecked Mass Production Qubeley
Marida was then transported to a Facility owned by Federation located in North America. Where Martha Vist Carbine manipulated her by using the wrecked Mass Production Qubeley which Marida was piloting in the past as Ple.

Audrey Burne was in the Marcenas' mansion that time with Riddhe. Riddhe escaped just right after his father, Ronan, told him the real story about the Laplace's Box. Audrey also escaped the mansion that brought her to some cafe, and had an insightful conversation with an old man, which strengthens her beliefs. Bright Noa was ordered to take Riddhe Marcenas to the Ra Cailum that was under Bright's command, as well as to capture the Garancieres.

Zeon Remnant Forces gathered their forces around their bases around the world, seeing some familiar Zeon mobile Suits like Zogok, attacked Torrington Base en masse. Loni Garvey, piloting the Shamblo that time fell in to the malfunctioning psycommy system, becoming a channel for her dead father's bloodlust began to massacring all the people in the local city, despite being ordered to avoid causing mass damage.

Banagher piloted the Unicorn Gundam again to confront Loni from her madness. After he failed to convince her to stop the rampage, Banagher activated the NT-D system to stop Loni without using lethal force. Riddhe enters the battle, convincing Banagher to kill Loni, but Banagher insisted not to, Riddhe pulled out Unicorn Gundam's beam rifle that killed her finally.

As Riddhe was ordering Banagher to surrender the Unicorn Gundam, the two of them witnessed a mysterious black-colored Unicorn Gundam that was being dropped into the battlefield.

Episode 5: Black Unicorn

The black Unicorn aka "Banshee" was successfully landed into the battle field, neutralizing Riddhe's Delta Plus, and then captured Gundam Unicorn with Banagher in it.

Banager found himself still inside the Unicorn Gundam's cockpit and saw the Banshee beside him piloted by Marida. Bright spoke to Banagher afterwards and comes to terms with the latter's actions.

"before learning of the Federation's covert deployment of the new Dogosse Gier-class battleship General Revil" (Wikipedia).

Banshee VS Unicorn Gundam

Bright sent orders to Nahel Argama, that instructed them to engage with Garencieres. He also assigned the Tri-Stars, to team up with Riddhe, Marida and Banagher to provide cover while the Unicorn Gundam is being transferred back to Garuda.

Banagher rescued Mineva from falling
Although, a combat between Garuda and the Garencieres' forces began to break out. While in the chaos, Banagher hiders the Banshee long enough for Zinnerman to board the Garuda. Then Riddhe entered the rear docking bay of Garuda and confronted Anaheim staff to rescue Mineva, but before he did that, Zinnerman began firing on them. Mineva took advantage of the distraction and she reached Zinnerman then gave her a parachute. Meanwhile an exploding mobile suit Anksha damaged the docking bay and disabled Zinnerman. Riddhe confronted Mineva to go with him but Mineva jumps off to the open air hoping that someone would catch her. Banagher felt something inside him while fighting with the Banshee, he heard Mineva's voice that lead him to rescue Mineva with his Unicorn Gundam from falling, he then brought Mineva to the Garencieres, then Banagher forced the Banshee into the Garuda's hangar, found themselves inside where the Delta Plus is inside when Marida identifies it as a Gundam and began to attack it with Banshee's Armed Armor VN (Vibration Nails) claw.

Banshee approaching Delta Plus
After Zinnerman regained his consciousness, he reached out to Marida to stop her from her rage and return to the Garencieres. Marida snapped out from her madness and dropped out from the cockpit of the Banshee. 

The Garenciers proceeded to their next mission and they attempted to link the Nahel Argama. The Engine began to malfunction that caused the ship to fall out from its designated trajectory. Nahel Argama fires out a cable that would connect them to the Garenceres which was caught by the Unicorn Gundam. Gilboa and Daguza's spirits appeared before Banagher that resulted the Unicorn Gundam Psycho Frame to turn green, producing a light that helped the Garencieres to reach their destination, in space.

Sinanju Shooting rocket Bazooka to GR MS
Both of the ships found themselves under fire from General Revil's forces and EFSF. Flast believes that this was a setup by the EFSF, but Mineva noted that the Feddie's attack patterns were intended to destroying the Garencieres and Nahel Argame. Banagher attempted to engage the forces but that Unicorn Gundam's fuel was emptied by the last event. Angelo Sauper and his Rozen Zulu neutralized EFSF mobile suits that enough for him to bought enough time for Full Frontal to head straight to Revil and open fire a rocket bazooka on them.

Episode 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows

The scene continues where Full Frontal and Angelo Sauper rescues the Nahel Argama and Garancieres as the the EFSF flagship Gereral Revil coneys down on them. The Londo Bell Tri-Stars chased down the Garencieres, which blew up as a decoy to buy them time for the Sleeves to takeover the Nahel Argama. The takeover acted as a bridge for Full Frontal for the opportunity to finally open the Laplace's Box, revealed his memory of the events in the era of Char's Counterattack and his reasons why he continues to pursue his hate against Earth Federation, the he also saying that he is in fact the Red Comet Char Aznable, there was also a scene were he was talking to Zinnerman in front of a huge leg less mobile suit. He then left the Argama to Angelo in charge as the ship heads back to industrial 7 where the last clue to open the Laplace's Box is with the ship Rewloola.

Angelo ordered the Nahel Argama crewmen to send out and SOS beacon, the prompted the Federation's Luna II base to send a Salamis cruiser in pursuit. Captian Otto then defies Angelo's orders to destroy the warship. An ECOAS team that was led by Conroy Haagensen assaulted the Nahel Argama and eventually engaged the Neo-Zeon troops back to the MS hangar deck.

Banagher came in and activated the Unicorn Gundam again to help, since Mineva already knows where the Box is. And with Mineva's help, Marida reactivates the Kshatriya to prevent Angelo from destroying the Nahel Argama and declares not to join Full Frontal's plan to use the Box to launch another war with the Feddies again, then she also realized what she wants and decided to live her own life.

Angelo and Full Frontal went back to their warship Rewloola after their mission's failure.

Banshee piloted by Riddhe Marcenas
Martha Vist, being on Earth threatens Bright Noa and Londo Bell with being left out of the pursuit operation is they don't cooperate with her. She also gate crash to an exclusive meeting of Ronan Marcenas and several EFSF politicians to proclaim her true intentions and to prevent the Laplace's Box from opening.

Banagher entering the region near industrial 7, he then activated the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam to get closer to the Box and open it, without knowing that Riddhe piloting the newly design Banshee called the Banshee Norn was there surprise him.
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Launched 

All texts were rephrased by from wikipedia's summary

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