Playwright: 1/100 4x Gatling Gun Set + LED for MG Sazabi Ver. Ka - Release Info

Playwright: 1/100 4x Gatling Gun Set + LED for MG Sazabi Ver. Ka
Release Date: May 2014
Price: 70 SGD


This will come with 5 extra bonus (premium items) if you order at Hobby Mate!

All Pre-order Extra 5 Premium are given by Singapore Distributor. Valid for pre-order via from 18-04-2014 to 15-05-14.

5 extra premium item as follow :

1. Hobbymate Ultra Thin Aurora Sticker
2. Hobbymate Air vent Hole Metal parts - 20 pcs
3. 4 pcs each of Flashing Red & Yellow LED
4. Hobbymate Photoetch Parts
5. 1 set of Head Gatling Gun suitable for MG/HG Kits
All premium worth more than 20 SGD

ETA end may 2014

We are excited to announce and sole distributor in singapore for the release of an exclusive version of our 4x LED Gatling Gun plastic addon accessories for the recent MG Sazabi Ver.Ka.

Please note the following product information :

█ It is a custom option kit for the 1/100 scale MG Sazabi Ver.Ka. ;

█ No separate component of the kit is individually offered for orders ;

█ The kit is produced from 8 sets of molding, totally 16 plastic injections ;

█ Other accessories include alluminium tube, LED, coin-battery, band-switch, metal chain, mini-cup-screws ( hardened ), photo-etch, etc. ;

█ Plastic injections in runners ;

█ The kit is made of 7 plastic colors, totally 161 pcs., computed weight 384g ;

█ There are 2 modes of assembly. It is a discretion of customer to make it in two 4x cannons, one being held on left hand side and one on the right, mounted with the rear supporter, capable for adjustment of limited angles ; or fix the two 4x cannons together using a specific connector then become a 8x cannon as a whole, armed on one side ;

█ For the Single-Set mode, there are two bullet barrels, mounted on the hip armor ; and four bullet barrels for the Dual-Set mode ;

█ Customers are recommended to use two sets of Gatling Guns, totally FOUR 4x cannons and 4 bullet barrels altogether, becoming a heavily-armed mode



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