20 Funny and Crazy Gundam/ GunPla Builds

Ever built anything that makes your GunPla extraordinary?

Well, here are some of the builds we've seen so far. Don't you love to see this in Sunday morning when you wake up finding your self having a chuckle every time you see one of these?

Think no more and build one for your self and be like Sid from Toy Story for a while (but less evil)!

It would be great idea if you just build one funny gundam that would sit on your desk to make you happy when you are sad and lonely and...

20. Looking for something to hide in to.

19. When you know the world has plenty of monsters around you.

18. When you have sore eyes.

17. Or having a  group cosplay with your friends!

16. When you need some time to pray?

15. When you just have to go out to the party wearing nothing.

14. When you know that your girlfriend supports your hobby.

13. When you like Anime.

12. When trypophobia is there to give you goosebumps.

11. when you needed some tight hugs.

10. When you smell something "fishy".

9. Or feeling sleepy?

8. Or you might want to swim with costume on.

7. Eat with it.

6. Cosplay it!

5. Or may "Predator" it.

4. Or when you got reminded by your cute crush.

3. Or your hot mama's stockings.

2. Or maybe just feeling like you want to be 5 years old again.

1. And want to be cute forever.

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