10 of the Best Custom MG Ex-S Gundam Painted and Custom Builds

We've been getting lots of Ex-S Gundam custom build lately, so we are ranking them up! What do you think of these build? do you like any of them? I love the features of Ex-S even if it isn't modified or whatsoever. 

Though we fancy these builds from different modelers around the world and internet. These modelers put a lot of effort to their model kits to make them look better and to show what they've got as a talented GunPla modeler.

So here we go!!!

10. MG 1/100 Ex-S Gundam Patch Work Conversion Build by alexkcl

This one is rather simple in paintjob and detailing, but still effective way to present an Ex-S Gundam

9. MG EX-S Gundam refined version second plane painted build by mapio

This is the most simple build of Ex-S I've ever seen (I mean among the custom/ painted ones) Love the simple masking effect that brought the kit some wonderful details.

8. MG 1/100 Gundam Ex-S Patchwork - Custom Build by dizaro

The details and paintjob of this Ex-S is very bold and the modeler didn't wanna waste his extra parts to install on this Ex-S.

7. MG 1/100 EX-s Gundam by W.Decay

The bulky feel of this kit just made the EX-S even more "extraordinary"

6. MG 1/100 Ex-S Gundam Custom Build by primaryMHGB via Team NEXUS

This one is rather bold in colors yet the modeler still pulled some wonderful details to it.

5. MG 1/100 Ex-S Gundam Ver. AR Custom Buildby kunihiko aka er34kunihiko

Here's one unique color scheme for Ex-S Gundam, though I still love this build for some reason. 

4. MG 1/100 Ex-S Gundam customized build by ITAGAMI

This one is different among the rest in this post. The color scheme surely did caught some eyes. The paint job is also amazing and the color separation is also wonderful!

3. MG 1/100 Ex-S Gundam Patch work Custom Build by injihara

This is so great! the color scheme and paintjob is wow. The color separation is just amazing.

2. MG 1/100 EX-S Gundam resin conversion byterencedull

Help me find my jaw because it just dropped when I saw this Ex-S build. Just look at those precise details and paintjob. Looks so professional!

1. MG 1/100 EX-S Gundam by Eddy Lai

This made me buy the MG Ex-S when I first saw this build. Love the simple paintjob and details of this kit. The modeler managed to make it look bigger than normal with those tiny wires installed on it.

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