Grandfather Made 2 Meter Z Gundam Statue to Please His Grandchildren, But they Showed no Interest...

Kenichi Okada beside Z Gundam statue (2m)
at JA Branch at Hyogo Furukawa City Japan
A 66 year old man named Kenichi Okada made a 2 Meter Z Gundam wooden statue weighing at about 40kg.

The project took about 8 months to complete! Okada said that he tried to use light weight materials as much as possible but he had hard time using them in spherical parts, so he put a more durable but heavy materials instead to finish this masterpiece in time. He used water based paint to color the Z Gundam statue.

He also stated that he made it to please his grand children but they showed no interest.

He recommended to the staff of JA (Japan Agriculture) branch where he works to display the statue on the lobby of their building since his grandchildren didn't show any affection to it.

The statue is now displayed at the lobby of JA Prefecture Branch at Hyogo Furukawa City Japan.

And after he displayed it, he said...

"It is a satisfaction to please a lot of people" - Kenichi Okada

It is truly wonderful that some people do amazing things to appreciate the hobby. I wonder how would Bandai react to this project, we are hoping for Mr. Okada's success!

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