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How GunPlas are made and processed?
here's a video taken via GundamGuns, showing some basic information about the Bandai Hobby Center in Shizuoka Japan. 

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Bandai Hobby Center is the place where the magic happens, from the planning to molding the prototypes to exporting the final plastic products by Bandai. 

Bandai released the first model kit of the Gundam in 1980, just right after the Gundam 0079 lasted its air time on January 26, 1980. Most of the mechas and aircrafts in the anime got its plastic model kit treatment in that year and couple years after that.

pretty neat transition there! well let's see what will happen 10 years from now.


1:144 (Approx 13cm tall) scales

The oldest model kit scale of GunPla (Gundam Plastic) that is running for about 30+ years.
First 1:144 scaled gunpla was the RX-78-2 that was released in 1980. The first release was a hit to all the anime fans and Bandai continued to release more of it to promote the Gundam.

Most of the 1:144 scales are in High Grade lines (HG), some of them are not label with grades and usually named NO GRADE as generic name.

HG was first released in 1990. This grade provided the scales of 1:144, 1:100 and 1:60.

In 2010, Real Grade (RG) was announced. a 1:144 scale with extensive amount of details and inner frame to portray the "realistic" feel to it. The first model was "of course" the RX-78-2 that was sold for 2,500 Yen.

This (RG) just took a big step, this has more information compare to the Master Grades.

1:144 series list (price range are just approximates)
  • HGUC (High Grade Universal Century) - model kits from the series of Gundam 0079 - Gundam 0096 up to the most recent, including MSV models from the same series. 650 - 23,000 Yen
  • HGAW (High Grade After War) - Gundams and mobile suits from Gundam X series. the numbering of this series are following the HGUC line. 1,000 - 1,500 Yen
  • HGFC (High Grade Future Century) - the line of Gundam G series, like the Gundam X, it also follows the HGUC series line. 1,000 - 1,500 Yen
  • HGCE (High Grade Cosmic Era) - concentrates on the Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny model kits. 1,000 - 1,500 Yen
  • HGAGE (High Grade AGE) - Gundam AGE model kit series, first debut in 2011 when the first episode of Gundam AGE aired. price range 1,000 - 1,500 Yen
  • AG (Advance Grade) - Gundam AGE series model kits, doesn't have articulation on arms and legs, these model kits are used to play with the Gage-ing HARO and Gage-ing Arcade. This model kit doesn't need any tools to build. price range 600-700 Yen
  • FG (First Grade) - also known as the no grade series, or the model kits that doesn't have any label on it but the "1:144" scale and the logo of the series it is representing. price range 100-600 Yen
  • EG (Entry Grade) - this made in China Bandai model kit was first released in 2011, it only had 4 model kits namely, RX-78-2, 00 Gundam, Gundam Exia and Strike Gundam. This model kit series was not that successful so it stopped production.  price range 100 yen
  • RG (Real Grade) - the most detailed GunPla model you could ever have. This series concentrates on main gundams and secondary mobile suits of each gundam anime series. price range 2,500 - 3,000 Yen

1:100 (Approx 19cm tall) scales

box art of the first MG kit
Larger scale models has the same quality but more details than the 1:144 model kits. The first 1:100 scale Gundam model kit was the RX-78-2 Gundam that was released in 1980 as well.

The scale have gotten its first Master Grade (MG) treatment in July 1995. And then again, the RX-78-2 was the first model kit on that line, to commemorate the first Gundam series and the logo of Gundam universe.

Master Grade model provides inner frame and more details compare to the HG 1:144 scale gundam models.

There are also some HG 1:100 scale that was released after that. Because of the huge fan base of it in Japan, Bandai decided to make more 1:100 scale model from the other Gundam series that aired like SEED/ SEED Astray and OO. 

1:100 series list (price range are just approximates)
I will just divide this in 3sections.
  • No grades 1:100 scales - most of this kits doesn't have any special details to it, these are just blown up 1:144 scales, most of this were released in early 1980s to 1990s.
- Gundam X, G and W series 1:100 HG kits -
  - highly detailed model kits that was released in 1990s. most of these models have more accessories compare to the 1:144 model kits.
  • Master Grade (MG)  - these are the real deal if you want the 1:100 scales. Price range 1,000-12,000 Yen
Master Grades are also divided in many Gundam series. The series includes GunPlas from the series of...
always refer to this logo
if you want to know
the series of gundam you
are buying
  • UNIVERSAL CENTURY - 0079-0096 UC, including 08th ms team Char's Counter Attack etc. etc.
  • Gundam 00
  • Gundam Wing

VER. KA (Katoki Hajime) - designed by Katoki Hajime model kits, also known as the decal crazy kits. 
Price range: 3000-9000 Yen

box arts of MG ver. ka are
like this.

1:60 (Approx 30cm tall) scales

Perfect Grade RX-78-2 Gundam box art

HG EX God Gundam
1:60 Scales are also known as TV grade models, first kits in this series were first released in early and mid 1990s, these first models were called HG EX models. The HG EX models released the V2 Gundam, God Gundam and Shining Gundam.

1/60 scales got its first new line of grade called Perfect Grade (PG) in 1998. As always, Bandai first released this grade with the legendary RX-78-2 Gundam for 12,000 Yen. 

The price explains the quality and details of this kit. Bandai took a big step on this line, they started putting gimmicks like open hatch and LED to the kit, to make more intense presentation.

Bandai also has the HY2M (Hyper Hybrid Model) 1:60 Scale released in mid 2000s. These models have more gimmicks compare to the Perfect Grade but less in details. This model requires patience to build and more wits to build the LED wirings. Price range: 12,000-45,000 Yen

1:60 series list (price range are just approximates)
  • PG - Perfect Grade plays the series randomly, this is unpredictable, but bandai has released good selections so far. Price range: 12,000 - 30,000 Yen
  • HY2M - this series concentrated on some mono-eyed model from ZEON namely RICK DOM and GOUF. Price range: 12,000-45,000 Yen
  • HG ex as mentioned before, this series only had 3 model kits. Price range: 2500-3,000 Yen
  • HG: Gundam SEED Destiny, Gundam F91, Gundam Exia and Wing Gundam Zero TV ver. Price range: 2500-3,000 Yen
  • 1:60 no grades: this series includes the old kits from the very first gundam 0079 up until the Z Gundam Price: range: 1,000-3000 Yen


1:48 MEGA SIZE - model kit series that are big sized model kits but less gimmicks compared to perfect grade and master grades. This model series has the REAL GRADE details to it but doesn't include any decals or stickers with it. These models can also be modified with LED (sold separately) without any major modifications done on the kit.

this model series includes the main Gundams and MS from Gundam 0079 and Gundam AGE series. Price range 7,000-10,000 Yen

1:12 HY2M - this is probably the most expensive GunPla that you can buy. The price range is 50,000 Yen - 80,000 Yen

SUPER DEFORMED - are model kits that are more cute and as the name said it "deformed" mostly labelled as SD, SD LEGEND BB and Sangokuden, these model kits have small body and big heads, most of them have couple comical eyes to show some cuteness on the MS or Gundams they are representing. Price range: 400-3500 Yen

Bandai releases 4-5 gundam model kits every month. check our Monthly GunPla lineup that is updated regularly.


if you are not sure about the pricing of the model kits you are buying, please refer the bar code of the model kit you are looking and check the last 4-6 digits there, that is the YEN Price

in this case, we have a 4,200 Yen model kit which is about 45 USD.

the injection machines!!!

images with watermarks are from amiami blog

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