MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW - Review

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW - Review by Gundam Kits Collection

Well, I would like to thank my gunpla seller friends in the Philippines, GunPla Kits and OtakuhobbitoysPH for giving me this wonderful kit! I've been waiting for this version of wing in years to be released in MG form (but not quite the one I've expected though)

Even though it wasn't exactly the TV version, Bandai did an amazing job on revising the features of the Wing Gundam Zero TV to make another variant for it.

The spiky features of this Wing Zero looks great and I prefer this VS the original one. Anyway, the overall transformation of the kit into wave rider mode is smooth and almost perfect, though the torso part is not too tight enough to hold the weight of the legs until you put the support to hold it on the stand they've provided.

Decal seals are easy to place, especially the sticker seals (nothing beats them!), though the rub on decals are always been annoying to me, but that's only just when not applied in proper way.

The backpack shows brought some dynamic feel on the kit, maybe because of the spiky features of it? yes, maybe that's it!

The body VS the backpack, NO HEAVY WEIGHT ISSUES at all! even if the wings are bent towards the back.

Color separation of the kit looks great! but the blues could've been a bit lighter to avoid some annoying nub marks when pulled out from the runner (still fixable).




  • smooth transformation (parts doesn't require to be removed, except for twin buster riffles and shield)
  • no weight issues (even in standing position)
  • holds combined and separated twin buster riffle without any issues
  • color separation of the kit VS other colors of the parts is genius!
  • snap parts together without any problem
  • wing transformation and mechanism - AWESOME!
  • articulation? - since the arms are not going 180 degrees, but anyway it's still acceptable.
  • cockpit articulation is accurate and smooth.


  • nub marks everywhere, specially on the frame and blue parts (needs a lot of sanding)
  • the stand for wave rider mode breaks easily (be careful with it when removing and putting it in the female peg of the back skirt "wave rider mode")
  • hard to do the twin buster position, since both hands can't fit when the twin buster riffles are combined together.

SCORE - 8.5 / 10

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