RG Gundam GFT Diorama Gashapon Figure set by Gundamkitscollection.com

I just recently got this figure set of the RG 1:1 Gundam GFT from Ebay, and I am really impressed with this figure set. All of the parts are detailed enough to be a good display piece. The size is about 3.5 inches tall when completed.

Each box contains parts of the RG RX-78-2 Gundam GFT and it also includes individual display base if you want to display them un-assembled.  Also, you can get a piece of candy gum that you can eat while building the figure.

The size is just right, and not that small compare to 1/144 scale.  I am glad that it has figures of miniature persons, just to make a more cool effect when it's in its full form. (just like people visiting the Gundam you know)

Articulation wise...Let's see...there's none! except for the head, but you can only rotate it left and right for about 45 degrees each.

This set costed me about $24 CAD  including the shipping to my place. Pretty cheap I must say because I've been searching this set for long time but most of the sellers in Ebay are being over priced knowing that this kit can only be obtained in selected countries like Japan. I am glad that I waited for someone who sells it for cheaper, because I almost bought it for $50!

I really enjoyed building this figure kit. There are many possibilities that you can do to this kit. I am also recommending this to everyone who likes gundam! It's a must buy.

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