Anime North 2013

Anime North 2013
May 24 25 26 at the Toronto Congress Center
3 days of awesomeness. Where should i start.... I found lots of good deals with anime products, figurines and such, some of which are difficult to find, lots of Gundam kits that come in $5 cheaper than what you get on the normal retailers, great thing about these vendors is that you can haggle the prices to get them even lower. I did not indulge myself in gundam kits this time though...

Here's some of my loot:
Gun X Sword is a great anime, a hint of childishness but the Mecha design is top-notch

Left to Right: Yuki Nagato(Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Akiho Senomiya(Robotics;Notes), Meer Campbell(Gundam Seed Destiny), Nirvash(Eureka Seven) 


Another must see is the cosplay here at Anime North. Lots of hot azns great costumes from various genres of anime, games, movies, western cartoons etc.
Here's a sample of the epicness:

League of Legends Cosplay: Vladimir, Talon, Annie, Garen

Master Chief doesn't even need to pose to look 

Best Taiga Ever
 My waifu Nakamura san from Aku no Hana

Here comes the best part:
BOX GUNDAM: Unicorn, Heavy Arms, Exia (plastic cup GN Drive too OP)

STRIKE FREEDOM!! Round of Applause to this guy for actually creating something this awesome

This inspires me to cosplay as a gundam next year

Rey Zaburel and Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay, though Rey is cosplayed by a girl :3

Anime North is a great event, come all 3 days, it's worth your money. Thanks to my brothers and friends for taking these photographs
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