WIP Void Exia

First Entry
So, I had an Idea.
Inspired by the void, (void champs in league of legends specifically), I decided to mod my MG Exia.

I think I have a long way to go before it's completed. so here I wish to post my progress to keep myself in track and to share my experiences in this attempt at a project this huge, for me at least....

Here is my amateurish effort on scratch building custom parts from recycled plastic and pla plating:
Base model: my MG 1/100 beat-up exia

My Workstation

Dismembered and Decapitated Exia
I use recycled plastic and putty for custom parts
A note on recycled plastics: Instead of buying pla-plates, I use recycled plastic from hard plastic packaging, it has its pros and cons. The biggest advantage with this plastic is that it's free. But be careful what kind of plastic you are recycling, some kinds of plastic cannot be layered like pla plates and doesn't adhere all to well with just plastic cement.

Who knew that what I learned in University engineering would help me build gunpla. Just the ability to sketch without rulers makes conceptualizing designs a breeze. [above] Templates for armor pieces [Below] Concept designs for armor pieces

Special thanks to admin GKC for providing me with a lot of materials.
- [GM]

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