HGUC 1/144 Ez8 Gundam Comparison to the old HG 1/144 Ez8 Gundam - REVIEW by

ever considered buying the new Gundam Ez8? well here are some pros and cons for you guys. I compared it to the older HG 1/144 08th MS Team Series kit Gundam Ez8 that was released back in 90s. 
I must say that the older kit has more gimmicks VS the newly released HGUC 1/144 Ez8. 

First, both of them have pros and cons.

Pros for the HGUC 
  • it has more articulation compare to the old one
  • the joints are more durable
  • the arms can be bent up to 85 degrees
  • the face plate/ head is more defined
  • backpack has more gimmick
  • more accurate scaling in my opinion
  • color separation on the gun is nice
Cons for the HGUC
  • minor nubs are present on the joints on the legs and hands
  • there are 2 nasty nubs on the blue part of the shield (can be fixed by sanding and painting)
  • the film strips are thiner and requires stickers to hold (I hate that), Bandai should've reproduce the plastic lock for the strips!
  • disappointed on the cockpit cover gimmick...
Pros for the HG/ older kit
  • more gimmicks on the cockpit ( can be pulled out without removing the cockpit housing out from the kit.)
  • separated plastics of the cockpit cover
  • using another plastic mold for the film strip lock
  • lesser nubs when building (maybe just because of the plastic getting older)
Cons for the HG/ older kit
  • less articulation
  • face plate/head is kinda distorted (might be copied accurately from the OVA)
  • slightly taller than the HGUC ( I put this in con because I like kits that has accurate scaling)
overall I liked the older one because of the details and gimmicks of it. but when it comes to articulation, I would really recommend the new one! if you are that perfectionist, I would suggest combining the 2 kits to cover the pros and cons of each other!

enjoy this video from

 of course the HGUC has better articulation...
the black part on the backpack of the old kit is painted

nice gimmick! the blue cockpit cover is also open-able
height comparison, I like the HGUC better because it has the right scaling
just enough of the stickers Bandai! I don't like this sticker on the film strip...REALLY...
well that's more like it!

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