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hi guys, I just went to Labyrinth in Oakville Canada and bought the vol. 1 of Gundam Assault Kingdom.

Me and my friend found these Gashapon figures called Gundam Assault Kingdom that was released on March 23, 2013. Each piece costs 8 CAD at the Labyrinth and I think that the cost is really decent for a nice small but super articulated mini Gundam Figures. The volume 1 consists of Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam, Sinanju, Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) and Aile Strike Gundam.

each boxes contains an action base for the figures, and if you buy the whole vol. 1 series you will be able to assemble the MS Cage for the Gundam Unicorn. Instructions are printed on the inside part of each boxes, the instructions also includes on how to assemble the MS Cage. Also, each MS/Gundam has 4 sets of hands, 2 closed and 2 open hands included.


  • super articulated for a small sized figure
  • details are pretty decent for an 80mm figure
  • comes with action base
  • no problems when in standing position
  • color separation are great! specially the gold trims of Sinanju
  • affordable
  • durable

  • the right leg of the Aile Strike Gundam keeps returning on its original position when articulating it.
  • some of the colors are off (can be fixed by painting) 

As I said, these figures have awesome articulation compare to the High Grade model kits. I enjoyed playing with their articulation and took some photographs. I am really excited for the vol. 2 to come out and I already ordered the limited edition ones at GG Infinite

The materials are super durable, there are no problems articulating the kit. Each figures stands up to 80mm and really good for display.

All parts are quite detailed compare to other Gundam Gashapons. I really recommend this series to everyone who collects Gundams!

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