Mobile Suit Gundam Breaker BETA Review - online multiplay review added

Mobile Suit Gundam Breaker is a new way to collect GunPlas - Virtually

Gundam BreakerRelease Date: March 15, 2013

Release Date of Full Game is on June 27, 2013
Price: 7,980 Yen
Platform: PlayStation 3 / PlayStation VITA

                          Playing GunPlas virtually drives us crazy

hey guys! I just downloaded the BETA of Mobile Suit Gundam Breaker for Ps3/PSV this morning, and I must say that I had a lot of fun playing within the first hour! intense gameplay and collectibles is in this game, I highly recommend this to all the Gundam enthusiast.

in this virtual world of Gundam Breaker, you will see exciting combat action VS other GunPlas, this game offers easy to control and fast hack and slashing gameplay.

GunPlas that you kill will drop something, either an HP up that let's you regain life to survive in battle or a GunPla Sprue/ Runner that has a part of GunPla.

Collect each Head/ Feet/ Arms/ Body/ Thrusters and weapons to make a stronger customized GunPla.

The game also offers a virtual modeler that level ups every time you build a GunPla part. As the modeler's skill level ups the strength and durability of each parts will also level up, giving more power and defense!

The first mission or let's say the tutorial mission let's you play with basic control instructions, which is easy to understand even if you can't read Japanese. The button shapes are there to guide you to the gameplay, as I said before, the controls are easy as counting 1-3.

after the first mission ends, you will be transferred to your VR(Virtual Reality) room. In this room you can customize your gunpla, choose missions, get to fight anther GunPla enthusiast around the world with Multiplayer option. By the waty, all the menus are translated to English, so no worries having someone to translate them for you! if you need help translating something, contact us at our facebook page 

The fun part! scales of all GunPlas will be available! from HG - MegaSize (more info on later game ver) so you will expect different sizes of GunPlas while playing the game!

also watch these first gameplay footage from youtube members MichikoZaku and MakotoRakuen

The BETA will let you play up to 5 stages from the original Game. These stages will provide you random experiences depending on the difficulty of each levels.

You the higher the stage level the powerful GunPla parts you may get.


O button is cancel
X Butoon is accept

Gundam Breaker (SINGLE PLAYER MODE) - Gundam Kits Collection Score

Graphics - 8.0
Gameplay - 10
Controls - 10
Fun - 9

total- 9.25 - excellent! I don't want to sleep anymore

Gundam Breaker

Gundam Breaker

Gundam Breaker
now there's my first custom GunPla, made from the parts that was looted from other GunPlas
Gundam Breaker


unlike other Gundam MMO games that has PVP, Gundam Breaker only offers team play "for now". The Gamplay is really fast and also getting more intense when you are in higher level stages.

The multiplayer mode will allow your character/pilot to interact with other players within one VR Hangar, the multiplayer mode, only allows 4 members to team up and fight with AIs. AIs in multiplayer mode has the same difficulty level as the single player mode, so it is has faster gameplay.

If you want to accumulate more experience in faster way, multiplayer mode is the right place for you. also some of the GunPla parts are obtainable here that you can rarely find at single player mode.

the only thing that I don't like about multiplayer mode, is the waiting time... most of the players standby and customized their GunPla before and after the battle, so that really makes me bored every time the battle finishes.

Gundam Breaker (SINGLE PLAYER MODE) - Gundam Kits Collection Score

Graphics - 8.0
Gameplay - 10
Controls - 10
Fun - 10

total- 9.5 - two is better than one!

stat menu translation

1. HP
2. hit defense
3. long range defense
4. shield armor hit points
5. melee attack
6. long range attack
7. maximum capacity (must be higher than #8 to be able to equip parts)
8. weight (should be low)

Gundam Breaker

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