MG 1/100 nu Gundam Fin Funnel Ver. Ka set review by

hello guys and gals, I just finished building the Fin Funnel set for MG 1/100 nu Gundam Ver. Ka.

MG 1/100 nu Gundam Fin Funnel Ver. Ka set review by

I am pretty happy about the whole add-on kit, but I think it's a little bit too much if you want to display it with everything activated, so I would rather have/recommend the other set closed and attached to the back and the ones with effects activated.

The set comes with extra effect parts that goes to the folded Fin Funnel to make more appealing effect when displayed. I am bit disappointed on the amount of the effect parts though, Bandai should've included 6 more effect parts for the other 6 fin funnel that came with the regular MG nu Gundam Ver. Ka

also surprised about the huge amount of decals for only 6 FFs, they actually included the exact same decal sheet that came with the MG nu Gundam Ver. Ka. I am looking for a free time so that I can get my hands on applying the decals.

There are no problems on the effect parts when putting them together and even when removing it from the funnel. 

  • easy to assemble, no falling parts
  • a nice display piece, really added effect and impact to the nu Gundam Ver. Ka
  • stays in place in activated mode
  • lots of variation ( I am having fun playing with the articulation of the fin funnels)
  • an instant diorama
  • annoying when trying to put as a backpack piece.
  • funnels are kind of loose
  • weight issues when attached as backpack
  • having hard time putting both funnel set as backpack piece because they keep on falling when moved...
overall, I am happy that I bought this set, not only because I got it for a cheaper price but because it ads up more appealing image to my MG nu Gundam Ver. Ka.

I am so glad that I didn't throw away the runners of my MG nu Gundam Ver. Ka. because it came with the extra Fin Funnel holder for the right side of the backpack.

to resolve the falling fin funnels when in backpack mode, just simply connect both folded funnels to make a stronger connection.

 Here are some shots with black light ON

The Fin Funnel set also came with an action base, with the same mold that came with the MG nu Gundam ver . Ka.

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