08th MS Team HD Remaster

So I watched the entire season of Gundam 08th MS Team HD Remastered in one night
I must say, it has a better plot than any Gundam series made after year 2000
I give this anime 10/10, It's not perfect, no anime ever is. But I consider this a Masterpiece!

What sets this Gundam Series apart from the rest?

 1. Most of the plot of 08th MS team happen on earth compared to other series where space is the main battle field. The landscape is beautifully done and the characters really relate to the environment

2. The Mobile suit design is consistent. Thankfully. THIS SERIES HAS NO BEAM SPAM. Ammo is limited, resources are limited and personnel are limited. that is what real war looks like. Protagonists of alternate universe Gundam usually use a flashy Gundam design that emphasizes on speed, fire-power and indestructibility. But the mechs used by the most of the combatants in 08th MS team are the ones used by common soldiers and the battle field is fought within a level playing field and won with strategy.
Bad-assery at its finest

3. The plot... I cannot fully explain how great this plot is. I suggest reading a professional review in an anime website.
Sieg Heil

4. English Sub and English dub are both equally well done. worth watching both subbed and dubbed versions
A sort of USB-like port for Gundam equipment

5. Fight scenes are really really awesome. This anime emphasizes TEAM WORK, camaraderie trust and war ethics. unlike most other anime who emphasize mostly on who has the most fire-power. Battles are fought with skill, strategy and coordination, each team member has a distinct role each mission which make the battles just that more exciting...

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