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Gundam UC FILM & NIGHT MUSEUM episode screening

Event Date: February 25-28, 2013
The tickets was on sale for 4,200 Yen each on February 7, 2013

see the wonderful event and exhibition at Gundam UC Film and Night Museum. The event is now exhibiting wonderful artworks by the makers of Gundam UC, also see the some of the previous episodes of Gundam Unicorn hosted by some of the staff.

we have gathered some images from and Gundam Zousho blog.

The audiences will be inspired on the whole concept of venue, where classic style building with classic style pillars and artworks everywhere.

This Banagher Links' painting looks real and unreal at the same time. I like how it brings reality and makes me want to believe that the Gundam Unicorn series really exist in real life.

 a detailed replica of Full Frontal's mask displayed in a nice closed glass display showcase.

 This is really amazing, I want to see these line art works in person. they look so detailed and precise even in this picture.

 I always love seeing mechanic drawings like these

 as a visitor, you are entitled to get a mini pamphlet that guides you to the whole event.
some of the painting and artworks are also explained here.

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