MG 1/100 nu Gundam Ver. Ka by GKC

hello guys, I want to greet you guys again a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
here I got a new gift from, it's not just a gift! it's the nu Gundam Ver. Ka :)


well anyway, I have been building it today December 24, 2012 EST, at about 4 PM up to 12 AM of December 25, 2012. yeah, 8 hours is not enough to build this very cool GunPla. I still have to do the Fin Funnels and apply the decals and color separation stickers ( that's not the technical term for that, I made that up LOL). so far, I already broke 2 parts and had to glue them together (clumsy me) but anyway, all the parts are really fragile so be careful when you are building this kit.

Over all, the kit looks stunning already even without the fin funnels and decals, the joints are amazing, no problems snapping them together and even taking them apart. My only problem with this kit is the transformation because the kit needs to remove some parts to be able to transform unlike the Unicorn Gundam, and yes, like I said, the parts are really brittle so BE CAREFUL!

two things I like this new MG, is the LED (sold separately) gimmick and of course the Psycho-Frame Reaction to the black light AKA UV light. although you can't see the psycho frame that much you can still appreciate its nice overall look, including the proportions and pose-ability.

I will provide more images for review when I finish the full kit!

since we are moving, I had to throw the boxes and some runners, I didn't realize that I threw 2 small parts of psycho frame that goes under the knee part.

well I guess I will just purchase a replacement for those parts or leave it like that since it is not that noticeable.

my big problem with this kit are the Fin Funnels. they kept on dropping like hell. but when you manage to put them on and put it on standing position, it will stay forever.

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