1/100 scale MSN-04 SAZABI via GxG GunPla Gallery

1/100 scale MSN-04 SAZABI by Anazasi Custom

Anazasi: MG Sazabi I think is one of the most modified and most used kit ever. This MG kit is the first version so everyone try their best to do what they can just to make it look good. I , however have modified 4 Sazabis already. My inspiration for this project was the G-System and Formania versions. Although I want it to be as close as that on those kits . What I did was to do some panel lines, modified the Back pack , shoulders, the back skirts and side skirts. I also did some plaplating on the leg armors. First color scheme was white as requested by Sir Arthur...well....It looks good but we like the RED better. So we end up agreeing on the RED again.

GKC: another amazing build by my personal favorite modeler. Among all Char's Mobile Suits, Sazabi is the one I really liked. I am also hoping for the MG ver. Ka ver of Sazabi next year (2013) display it beside my MG nu Gundam ver. Ka!

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